Panic – Respring and Boot to safe mode with shortcuts

Another day, another tweak. Panic is a nifty jailbreak tweak that allows you to respring your device in an instant. Check out the installation and setup tutorial below. 

How Panic works

If you own a jailbroken device, setting up shortcuts for respring and safe mode actions is essential. You never know when your device might freeze or gets stuck in a respring loop.

Sure, you can use Activator to set up these shortcuts. However, Activator is a bit too complicated for the average user. That’s where Panic comes in.

Panic lets you respring your device and enter the safe mode at the tap of a button. It is developed by theme developer Renaitaire.

It allows you to set up your own shortcuts for restarting SpringBoard or booting your Apple device in safe mode.   

How to set up respring and safe mode shortcuts on iOS 13

Setting this tweak up is fairly simple. All you need to do is go to its preferences section and add the desired actions for respring and safe mode.

Step 1 Open the stock Settings app.

Step 2 Scroll down and go to Panic’s preferences area.

Step 3 Enable the following options:

  • Safemode Enabled
  • Respring Enabled 

Step 4 Once you have enabled the aforementioned options, you will want to set up the sequence for both respring and safe mode. Select the Safemode Sequence option and add the desired actions to the “current sequence”.

By default, the current sequence will be set to Volume Up + Volume Down + Power/Sleep. 

Step 5 Tap the “-” button to remove an action and the “+” button to add one to the current sequence. You can also change the order of the actions if needed.      

Step 6 Now select the Respring Sequence option and set up the current sequence as explained above. The respring sequence is also set to Volume Up + Volume Down + Power/Sleep by default.

So, make sure that this sequence is different than the one you selected for safe mode in step 4.       

That’s all there’s to it.

Once you’ve set everything up, you can respring or boot into safe mode by tapping the buttons in the same order as in the sequences.          

Download Panic Cydia Tweak

Panic is a handly little jailbreak that does what it says on the tin. It is a must-have “quality-of-life” tweak for every jailbreaker out there. Highly recommended! 

Another jailbreak tweak called “Lifeguard” offers similar functionality. However, Panic is open-source and has a nicer user interface. Also, Lifeguard doesn’t always work when your device freezes. 

If you don’t have either of them installed on your iPhone/iPad, we suggest going for Panic.   

Panic is available for download on Renaitaire’s Cydia repository (, It is compatible with iOS 11-14+ operating sytems.

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