3 iPhone X Features Apple Stole from Jailbreak tweaks

Apple is known for stealing features from the jailbreak community. Now, it has taken a step forward and copied a lot of tweaks verbatim in its latest flagship iPhone.

As you already know, iOS 11 “borrows” a lot from Cydia tweaks, so why should the iPhone X stay behind? Here’s the complete list of Cydia tweaks that have made their way to the iPhone X.

3 Cydia tweaks that Apple stole from the jailbreak community

1. Tage

Tage is a highly popular tweak and is considered the quintessential multitasking enhancement by many.

Unfortunately, Apple has now implemented as a stock feature exclusively in the new iPhone X.

iphone x multitasking

Tage was the first Cydia tweak that brought the side swipe gestures to iOS. In the iPhone X, you can quickly swipe from the left or right edge to switch between applications.

  • Developer – Ma Jun
  • Repository – BigBoss
  • Price – $1.99

2. Kaze

Kaze is yet another popular multitasking Cydia tweak that brings useful gestures to iOS. Apple steals the swipe up to return to the home screen from this jailbreak tweak.

kaze cydia tweak

The developer of Kaze didn’t invent this feature, instead, he stole it from BlackBerry. For those of you who have ever used a Blackberry will remember how these gestures are reminiscent of the BlackBerry OS.

I have used a BlackBerry Z30 in the past (still own it to this day) and I absolutely love its gesture system even now.

  • Developer – Qusic
  • Repository – BigBoss
  • Price – Free

3. Appellancy

The jailbreak community has been enjoying “FaceID” for quite some time now, thanks to Appellancy.

Appellancy was released in 2014 and was obviously ahead of its time. It only supports iOS 7/8 and utilizes the camera to accurately detect your facial features accurately.

Although this tweak has been abandoned by the tweak developer, it’s certain that Apple has stolen it.

Apple has only been able to implement this as a stock feature only after 4 firmware iterations, which is a huge differential. This speaks volumes about why people jailbreak their iOS devices and what makes the jailbreak community so cool.

  • Developer – Elijah Frederickson
  • Repository – BigBoss
  • Price – $1.99

You can check these Cydia tweaks out and turn your iOS device into the iPhone X. I will also be posting an in-depth tutorial on how to fully convert your older iPhone to this new flagship iPhone.

If you find out some more tweaks in the new iPhone models or iOS 11, just drop a comment below. I will add that tweak to this list as soon as possible.

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