iOS 12 Beta 1 vs iOS 11.4 – Speed Test on iPhone 5s/6/8

Just like every other major update, users with older devices are hesitant to upgrade their devices. Here’s a video performance comparison between iOS 12 Developer Beta 1 and iOS 11.4.

How does iOS 12 Beta 1 perform on older devices?

Yeseterday, Craig Federighi remarked that iOS 12 was Apple’s fastest operating system to date and for all the right reasons.

According to testers, iOS 12 Beta 1 is by far the smoothest developer beta ever released by Apple.

Surprisingly, bugs and glitches that are inherent to developer betas simply don’t exist in this update.

iOS 12 vs iOS 11 Speed Test

Here’s what you can expect once you move to iOS 12.

  • Increased performance – Older devices are now faster with snappier animations and an overall responsive feel. All applications launch almost instantly as compared to iOS 11 that takes around 2-3 seconds to launch an app.
  • No hangs or freezes – Your iPhone or iPad will no longer crumble under pressure. You can easily use a lot of CPU-intensive apps simultaneously thanks to better resource management.
  • Better battery life – Battery life experiences a significant boost. If you are a medium to heavy user, you can use your device for up to 6 hours and above.

As the first reports of iOS 12’s performance emerge, users have begun upgrading their devices from iOS 11.4 to iOS 12.

If you want to test the developer beta version out, get the OTA Profile from here.

iOS 12 Developer Beta 1 vs iOS 11.4 Performance Comparison   

Here’s a comparison by Youtuber iAppleByte that benchmarks the performance of iOS 12 Beta 1 on iPhone 5s.

Youtuber iUpdateOS also posted a video comparing the two operating systems on an iPhone 8.

Jailbreak Youtuber iCrackUriDevice posted the Geekbench benchmark of iPhone 6s.

The iPhone running the latest developer beta performed 30% faster than the one running iOS 11.4.

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