Richard Zhu teases iOS 11.4 jailbreak with Cydia

Renowned security researcher Richard Zhu just teased a new jailbreak for iOS 11.4. Here’s all you need to know about it.

iOS 11.4 jailbreak achieved by Fluorescence

While everyone is waiting for an iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak, iOS 11.4 already has a jailbreak thanks to Richard Zhu.

For those who don’t know, Richard goes by the name “Fluorescence” and is kind of a big deal in the hacking community.

Richard is an accomplished hacker and participates in a lot of big hacking competitions. He was also crowned the “Master of Pwn” at Pwn2Own 2018.

Here’s the video demonstration Richard uploaded on his Twitter handle.

The video shows an iPhone 7 (iPhone 7,1) running iOS 11.4.

After showing off the firmware version, Richard then proceeds to open Cydia, followed by executing a few standard jailbreak commands in a terminal emulator.

Surprisingly, the hacker didn’t reveal any details pertaining to the exploit. The jailbreak app, too, was missing from the video.

Will Richard release his jailbreak?

Just like other professional researchers, Richard will not release this jailbreak tool, ever.

Security researchers like Zhu submit bugs to bug bounty programs, so his iOS 11.4 zero-day exploit will never go public either.

I’d rather have him save up that precious exploit for iOS 12 than blow it on a version that already has quite a few jailbreaks.


iOS 11.3.1 will probably the last firmware to get a jailbreak before iOS 12 drops. If you are not on iOS 11.3.1 or below yet, downgrade your device as soon as possible.

Apple is still signing iOS 11.3 Beta 5 and all you need to do is fire up iTunes and tap shift+update. If you are not sure about how to prepare for the upcoming jailbreak, follow this guide.

Which firmware is your device on right now? Leave your replies in the comments section below.

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