Russian Hackers hack into Apple Developer Center!

Russian hackers have just hacked into Apple Developer Center and sabotaged a lot of details. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Apple Developer Center goes offline 

Developers enrolled in Apple Developer Program are reporting difficulties while logging in to the Apple Developer Center.

Apple’s developer portal went offline for a couple of hours purportedly due to a massive Russian attack. Several registered developers have reported that their account details have been sabotaged. Here’s what a developer tweeted.

Here’s what a developer tweeted.

This address given in the image above points to somewhere in the Russian city of Saint-Petersburg. This suggests Russian hackers obviously had something to do with this attack.

I wasn’t able to ascertain whether or not hackers were able to alter other details also.

Tweets such as this one are all over Twitter right now! This just goes onto show that even Apple is not invulnerable to Russian hackers.

Apple denies any attack on its servers

Apple has just sent a note to the developers that clarifies that this hack was, in fact, an error in their “account management application”. According to me, they are just trying to save face by denying that the hack took place.

It is not possible that all email addresses start pointing to Russian addresses out of the blue. Therefore, I can safely conclude Apple is surely hiding some details from the public.


This is not the first time Apple Developer Center has come in the crosshairs of hackers. Back in 2013, a similar attack took place that fractured Apple’s developer portal for several days.

Thankfully, Apple keeps a backup of all data and promptly restores it just in case things go south. Moreover, these backups are fully encrypted. This means even if hackers get their hands on your data, they won’t be able to do much with it.

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