Facebook is “listening” to your conversations to serve related Ads

Do you know Facebook is literally listening to your real-life your conversations? Here’s a test that proves this.

Facebook now listens to real-life conversations

Facebook now spies on all real-life conversations you have without your permission.

They do this to serve the user targeted advertisements. This is also something that I have personally experienced.

A YouTube user recently performed a test to check whether or not this is true. He repeatedly spoke the word “cat food” multiple times and Facebook did “catch” this keyword. Once the user opened Facebook, it displayed a cat food related video advertisement.

Here’s a video demonstration of this test.

Here’s how the entire process works –

  • Facebook gains microphone access once you install it.
  • It then secretly records your conversations in the background in a low bitrate format (32kbps). This is done to circumvent monitoring should a user decides to do that.
  • The data is encrypted and then transferred over to their ad servers.
  • The app then displays relevant ads to the users.

Rob Goldman, a Facebook executive has denied that they use microphone access for listening to users’ conversations.

How can I keep myself secure?

Simply killing the app from the App Switcher alone won’t work in this case. Any app can still use the background refresh feature to spy on you without actually running.

Here are a few working solutions for keeping your data safe and secure online.

1. Protect My Privacy

Protect My Privacy Cydia tweak allows you to make deeply configure the data an application can access on your iPhone.

You can use it to deny camera and microphone access to any app. You can also use it to show a fake contact list specifically for certain apps.


This is a solid way to keep your privacy intact but it works only up till iOS 9. Therefore, iOS 10 jailbreak users will miss out on it.

2. Use Safari

Pretty much all users rely on Facebook’s iOS app. This gives Mark Zuckerberg more leeway to “spy” or “record” your activities. A simple way to circumvent this to browse your favorite social network through Safari.

safari browser ios

2. Delete your Facebook account

This is certainly an “extreme” step but you can consider it if you really care about your privacy. However, this should only be used as a last resort as a lot of us now have a large friend list.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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