5 New Features we would like to see in iOS 11 [My Wishlist]

iOS 11 is just a day away from release. All Apple fanboys are really stoked up and wondering which features will be added in iOS 11.

ios 11 wishlist

Here’s my wishlist for Apple’s upcoming operating system.

5 New Features we would like to see in iOS 11

1. Clear App Data Cache

Computers use cache memory to speed things up. The same concept applies to mobile devices as well but the storage differential between a computer and a phone is huge.


Accumulation of lots of cache files quickly eats up space on iPhone and slows it down. App cache can occupy space running into gigabytes.

Thus, having the ability to clear app data cache in iOS 11 with a button will be great.

The probability of Apple introducing this feature in iOS 11 is low.

2. Improved Notification Center

Notification Center is undoubtedly the most used part of Apple’s mobile operating system. It is good and has an intuitive design but there is always room for improvement.

unify with noctis

A revamped Notification Center in iOS 11 should group notifications by applications. The addition of share buttons to notifications will be a welcome change as well.

The probability of Apple adding improving the Notification Center is high.

3. Minimalistic Volume HUD

Nothing annoys me more than the massive Volume HUD in the middle of the screen. It takes up a lot of space for no good reason.

Here’s what the Volume HUD should look like in iOS 11.

sonus cydia tweak

The probability of this feature making it to iOS 11 is quite high.

4. Control Center Customization

Apple really messed up the Control Center in iOS 10. They added two pages – one for system settings and another for the music or video.

This totally defeated the purpose of having a centralized Control Center.

I still think Control Center is an underutilized feature of iOS. It provides quick access to several important functions and has immense customization potential.

horseshoe repo

Apple doesn’t like users to tinker around and wants them to use the vanilla iOS as it is. The chances of Apple allowing Control Center customization are slim to none.

5. Dark Mode

Dark Mode or Night Mode is the most requested feature in iOS.


Having a system-wide dark mode on iOS 11 will have twin benefits –

  • Firstly, it will enhance user interface usability and you will be able to sleep better at night.
  • Secondly, it will save a good chunk of your battery. Since iPhone 8 is rumored to have an OLED screen, this feature becomes even more important.

The probability of Apple adding this feature is very high.

What’s your iOS 11 wishlist?

Most of these features are highly requested and Apple may incorporate them in iOS 11. Again, this is my personal wishlist and Apple hasn’t confirmed anything thus far.

ios 11

We will know soon enough which of these features make their way through to iOS 11. Until then, sit tight and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Which features would you like to have in iOS 11? Let us know in the comments section below.

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