$199 Beats HomePod with AirPlay 2 could land this fall

Apple is rumored to be working on a cheap Beats HomePod speaker. Here’s what this smart speaker will cost you and when it will be released.

Cheap Beats HomePod is in the works

Apple is currently in talks with the MediaTek for a cheaper processor for its upcoming smart speaker. This candid piece of information comes straight out of Apple’s supply chain.

The Beats HomePod will likely feature a similar yet smaller design as that of the original HomePod.

Since this HomePod will be a lower-end speaker, it will not come with Siri. It will come with AirPlay 2, Apple’s latest wireless streaming protocol.

Beats Pill Plus

Moreover, Apple reserves Siri only for its in-house devices, not devices that are launched under the “Beats” label.

Though Apple is yet to confirm any development around a Beats HomePod, this rumor carries a lot of weight nevertheless.

The reason behind this is that the rumors about a low-end smart speaker have been doing the rounds ever since Apple unveiled the original HomePod.

When will Beats HomePod be released?

Apparently, Apple will release the Beats model this fall. It is purported to carry a price tag of $199 and will be a lot cheaper than the original HomePod that costs $349.

Apple has sold just 600,000 HomePod units thus far whereas Amazon sold 2.4 million Echo speakers over the same period.

This clearly indicates that the smart speaker only managed to elicit a lukewarm response from the public.


The release of a cheaper alternative will surely get things moving for Apple’s smart speaker, which faces stiff competition from Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Would you like to get your hands on a cheaper HomePod model? If yes, leave your comments below.

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