10 years ago today, Hacker Geohot Unlocked the first iPhone

Remember Geohot? It’s on this day he publicly unlocked the iPhone. Here’s a throwback to the good old days of jailbreaking.

Geohot unlocks the first iPhone

10 years ago today, the teen prodigy, George Hotz aka “Geohot”, unlocked the first-generation iPhone and even released a tool for it days later.

Here’s the video of him giving a demonstration of the unlock process.

Only a fool would assume his skill set is limited to hacking, he is also the best rapper ever in the history of jailbreaking. Here’s a video of him dissing Sony in his own unique style.

Old-time jailbreakers are very well aware of Geohot and his contribution to the jailbreak community. As for jailbreak newbies, they probably don’t know any other developers other than Team Pangu.

For those who don’t know, George Hotz was one of the pioneers of the iPhone jailbreak scene as we know it. He single-handedly dabbled in hacking Apple’s iOS operating system even when other Dev teams had given up.

Where’s Geohot now?

George left the iOS jailbreak and hacking scene on his own accord. After spending a good few years hacking iOS, he eventually got sick of it and left.

Although he has now left the jailbreak scene, there’s no stopping him. The young hacker seems to have found a new interest in driverless cars and it seems he’s hacking his way to the bank.

george hotz

I am not sure whether we will ever witness a hacker of his caliber in the jailbreak scene. Truly, the jailbreak community needs Hotz now more than ever.

Would like to have him make a comeback to the jailbreak scene? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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