Cross-site tracking prevention coming soon to Firefox on iOS

Mozilla is all set to receive one of the best privacy settings of Safari in the next update. Here’s how this new feature will work on iOS, iPhone, and other devices.

Firefox beefs up anti-tracking protection 

Mozilla recently confirmed its plans to beef up Firefox’s security and security. The upcoming version will block tracking by default and improve browsing performance, all at the same time.

The developers have been testing new privacy features for quite some time now and want to make them go public.

Firefox preferences will receive a new section called “Content Blocking”. It will allow you to block –

  • Tracking and fingerprinting scripts
  • Third-party cookies
  • Hidden cryptocurrency miners

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For the uninitiated, tracking protection has already been active in the nightly builds. Now, Mozilla plans to implement it by default for all users in all browsing sessions, whether normal or private.

All this will be done to improve three key areas of the browser with the idea of taking the user experience to a whole new level.

Why is anti-tracking necessary?

Faster Browsing

Anti-tracking comes provides you with a whole plethora of benefits. Firstly, you will experience a massive decrease in page load times as a lot of time is spent downloading tracking scripts. This causes navigation to slow down.

In version 63, Firefox will automatically block scripts that take more than 5 seconds to load.

Improved Privacy

Secondly, tracking protection will also improve user’s privacy by disabling third-party cookies and trackers. Firefox v63 will decrease the use and storage of cookies by blocking third-party scripts.

However, this will significantly reduce the number of targeted ads and will have a negative impact on the online advertising market. Failing to collect information about users’ online activities, advertisers risk losing huge amounts of money.

Block hidden scripts

Finally, the browser will block malicious scripts, for example, hidden cryptocurrency miners or scripts that obtain information about users and the technology they use.

(Source – Mozilla)

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