How to Fix extra_recipe+yaluX Stuck on White Screen

As you already know, extra_recipe is throwing a lot of errors during the jailbreak process. One such issue that is bugging a lot of users is white screen.

So I decided to put up guide detailing how to fix this issue once and for all.

What happens is when you run the jailbreak application, it gets stuck on an “infinite” white screen. Once you try to close it from App Switcher, your iPhone reboots.


Here are some quick fixes for this problem.

How to Fix extra_recipe Stuck on White Screen

Method 1

Try again a few more times. I know this sounds foolish but it works. It can take you even 30-40 tries to get it to work properly.

Method 2

Use the latest version of extra_recipe+yaluX. The current latest version is beta 3. It brings a lot of important additions such as read write permissions that were missing from beta 1 version.

Method 3

Use Kenobi for yalub3 tweak from Ben Weaver’s repository. The URL of his Cydia source is –

What this package does is remove all changes made by Order 65 and Order 66 Substrate fixes. Once you go back to the “vanilla” state, extra_recipe should work as it supposed to.

Method 4

Put your iPhone 7/7+ in Airplane mode before you open the extra_recipe jailbreak application. This may help you escape the infinite white screen.

Method 5

Reboot your iPhone and wait for 1-2 minutes and then try opening the jailbreak application.

That’s it! Hopefully, this should solve this error and get your iPhone 7 up and running in jailbroken state. If this issue still persists, just leave a comment below.

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