Developer Ziph0n Quits the Jailbreak Community!

Eminent tweak developer Ziph0n has just quit the jailbreak community. Let’s find out what led him to quit tweak development altogether.

Why did Ziph0n leave the Jailbreak Community?

Ziph0n is arguably one of the top Cydia tweak developers in the jailbreak community. He is also the latest to join the roster of developers whose jailbreak development efforts have yielded fruitful returns.

Ziph0n has just been signed up by an app development company. He will now be working to develop applications for Apple’s official App Store.

This means he will no longer be developing Cydia tweaks for the community.


Here’s a recent tweet from Ziph0n’s official Twitter handle.

He has developed major tweaks such as TinyPlaye Pro, PickPocket, LockBrowser and a few minor ones like PokeMap and FlappyGo.

All these tweaks are still available for download on Ziph0n’s repo ( and BigBoss.

Will Ziph0n make a comeback?

He has already clarified that he will no longer develop iOS tweaks. However, he will still continue to provide support and updates for existing Cydia tweaks.

He also sent out a tweet confirming this back in 2016.

The reason being his new-found fondness for Android app development. He has already ported one of his Cydia tweaks over to Android operating system.

He has done a lot for the community. It’s really sad to see him go at this point. Hopefully, new developers will join in and take the community to new heights.

The jailbreak community has lost a lot of big developers in the last few weeks. You can read more about them below.

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