Israeli Hacker to Demonstrate iOS 10.2-10.3.x Jailbreak at HITB 2017

I have some good news today for you all. It seems we might be getting an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak after all.

But here’s the catch – it’s not Team Pangu that will be releasing it this time around.

Israeli Hacker Adam Donenfeld Confirms a new jailbreak

Israeli security researcher Adam Donenfeld might just have confirmed a new jailbreak. Here’s a tweet from his official account.

adam dodenfeld jailbreak

He also recommends saving SHSH Blobs to maximize your chances of enjoying a jailbreak. Here are a few tutorials to help you out –

Since he’s explicitly telling everyone to save Blobs, it’s quite clear that he wants to release a jailbreak for the community this time.

The best thing about this upcoming jailbreak will be its compatibility. According to Adam, it will be compatible with iOS 10.3.x and iOS 10.2 as well.

The hacker will unveil his jailbreak at HackInTheBox 2017 conference. HITB GSEC is due to be held in Singapore this year.

The conference will commence on August 21st and will continue up till August 25th.

Can Adam Donenfeld be trusted?

Although Adam is a renowned security researcher, he’s not well known in the jailbreak community. This is bound to raise doubts in the minds of many a jailbreaker.

Here’s a picture of Adam speaking at LayerOne Conference in 2016.

adam donenfeld

He has also spoken at several big conferences such as DefCon as well.

According to me, he’s a credible hacker. He recently sold 8 “privilege escalation” exploits to Apple. These exploits were fixed in the final build of iOS 10.3.2 firmware.

zimperium labsUndoubtedly, this is enough proof that he is a legit hacker. He has also showed interest in finding 0day exploits for Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apart from that, Luca and Chronic follow him on Twitter. This lends his Twitter account some extra credibility.

Is a Jailbreak really coming?

Team Pangu has already demonstrated an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak and now this. I am pretty sure we will get a new jailbreak this time around.

So save your SHSH2 Blobs and keep your fingers crossed, Apple will stop signing iOS 10.3.1 anytime soon. What remains to be seen is if Team Pangu races ahead of Adam and releases a jailbreak before he does.


Only time will tell whether Adam decides to release it for the community or sell it to Apple for a bounty.

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