Team Pangu, Morpheus and Siguza will speak at Zer0Con2018

Big names of the jailbreak community are all set to attend the Zer0Con2018. Here’s what these hackers will talk about at the hacking conference.

Veteran jailbreak developers to present at Zer0Con

Eminent jailbreak developers and security researchers of Team Pangu will attend this year’s Zer0Con. Jailbreak veterans like Jonathan Levin and Siguza will also present at the conference.

This event is not limited only to iOS and macOS, other developers will also discuss Windows and IoT hacking.


The hackers will discuss the following topics –

  • Slipper and Xuhao (Team Pangu) – Review of the Mach messages in iOS and associated bugs. Training on iOS kernel hacking.
  • Jonathan Levin – Discussion of techniques Apple uses to keep hackers at bay. He will then go into detail about how these techniques can be dealt with by an attacker. He will also present his QiLin jailbreak toolkit that allows hackers to develop their own jailbreak tools.
  • Siguza – Discussion of IOKit vulnerabilities and a case study on the IOHIDeous exploit.

Zer0Con2018 schedule

  • Zer0Con will be held on March 29-30, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.
  • The event is reserved only for hackers and developers. If you are eligible, you can purchase a ticket for $1,300 (early bird) or $1,500 (late) excluding the training fee.
  • Paid training classes on iOS, IoT hacking, and Windows kernel exploitation for the attendees.

Can we expect an iOS 11.2.x jailbreak?

If you are expecting Team Pangu to drop a fully untethered jailbreak, you will be disappointed.

Security conferences focus on vulnerabilities and exploits, not Cydia tweaks. Although many teams have presented jailbreak tools in the past, none of them released anything publicly.


Moreover, no hacker will even discuss anything related to the current versions of iOS.

Team Pangu will train the attendees and might talk about their iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak but that would be it.

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