How to fix YouTube rotation not working on iPhone and iPad

A lot of users have been experiencing rotation issues with the YouTube app on iOS. Here’s how you can fix it.

Why do iOS users experience rotation issues?

Contrary to popular belief, neither is this bug present in the stock YouTube app nor is it related to jailbreak. A lot of non-jailbroken users also experience it from time to time.

Actually, Apple’s mobile operating system is inherently flawed. This bug is present in iOS 9, 10 and even the latest iOS 11 firmware as well.

This is has got something to do with the animation handling functions in iOS. Whenever an app performs an animation transition too fast, iOS fails to recognize it causing issues such as this one.

It’s obviously extremely annoying to experience this but here are a few quick fixes for it.

Fixing YouTube rotation not working

1. Rotate your device

Fixing the rotation issue is very easy. Simply rotate your device to portrait mode and then flip it back to the landscape orientation.

This will ensure you will get back the original view inside YouTube.

2. Use Safari

Since Safari is Apple’s native web browser, YouTube works smoothly on it.

safari browser ios

Safari’s animations are handled very well by iOS and hence you will never experience issues while using it.

3. Use third-party apps

While method 1 works in most instances, there are times when YouTube app causes this issue.

protube 2

This can be solved by installing a third-party tweaked application such as –

Did you get it working?

Fixing this error can be a bit too tough as it keeps coming back. These three fixes given above will have you covered everytime you want to watch YouTube videos, though.

If you have any other fix that solves this issue, please leave a comment below detailing it.

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