YouTopia – The perfect YouTube experience

Another day, another tweak. YouTopia is a simple enhancement tweak for the stock YouTube app. Here’s how you can get this tweak on your iPhone or iPad.

How YouTopia works    

The built-in jailbreak detection system of YouTube has rendered a lot of tweaks useless in the past couple of weeks.

Sure, you can downgrade the YouTube app with AppStore++, but staying on the latest version has its perks. And that’s where this new tweak comes in.

YouTopia is a lightweight enhancement tweak for the YouTube app for iOS. It is developed by experienced tweak developer Sinfool.

YouTopica comes with the following features, namely:

  • Removes home feed ads
  • Removes in-video ads 
  • Enables background playback 
  • A functional DRM bypass

Unlike other tweaks, it removes in-video advertisements even when casting and without loading issues.

For instance, if you cast a Youtube video to your Apple TV, the ad blocker will still remain in effect and no ads will be displayed.  

As of the time of publishing, YouTopia is fully compatible with v15.43.4, the latest version of YouTube. We tested it for a test drive and it works splendidly!

YouTopia tweak for YouTube

This jailbreak tweak is fairly lightweight and lacks a dedicated preferences section. It does not have any in-app options that require configuration.

It’s completely plug-and-play. Just install the Debian package and you are good to go.

Download YouTopia Cydia tweak

If you are looking for a no-frills automatization tweak for YouTube, YouTopia will be right up your alley. Highly recommended!

For those of you who want extra customization features, we suggest using tweaks such as YouTube Reborn. However, you might experience conflicts with the DRM on the latest version of YouTube.  


Cercube is the better tweak all things considered, but it’s paid and also adds annoying banner ads that users hate.

YouTopia is a solid replacement for Cercube if you just want to get rid of the advertisements and enable background playback.

The only feature that’s missing from this tweak is a dedicated download manager. Anyway, you can get download functionality back by using a separate tweak such as DLEasy or AFSocial.         

YouTopia is available for download from this link. It is compatible with iOS 14 and below.  

Since the Debian package is not hosted on a repository, you will have to install it via Filza or a package manager such as Sileo.

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