yaluX Essentials – Fix backboardd and launchd on mach_portal Jailbreak

Jailbreak developer ijapija00 has released his own fix for mach_portal users. It is called yaluX Essentials and is designed specifically for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus users.

Let’s find out more about this fix.

Update (April 3) – The developer has pulled the package from his Cydia repository.

What is yaluX Essentials?

The yaluX Essentials package fixes the corrupt launchd. However, running this fix on your device doesn’t come without a few caveats.

It enables all Launch Daemons just like Order 66 Substrate Fix. You can kill SpringBoard without using the “killall -9 SpringBoard” command in Terminal.

cydia icon

In short, it applies several bug fixes and auto-enables Substrate. You will no longer need to use complicated Terminal commands anymore.

To use this fix, you’ll need to run a modified mach_portal IPA file after installing yaluX Essentials package. This modified mach_portal application is safe to use as it just adds a new binary.

This modified IPA file triggers a launch daemon to start ijapija00’s binary that patches launchd.

If you are already using Order 66 Substrate Fix by r3st1t0u, there’s no good reason to switch to yaluX Essentials just yet. I recommend you wait for a stable update by ijapija00.

If you still want to install it, follow the tutorial below.

Note – Remove any Substrate fix packages you have installed on your device.


  • Download Modified mach_portal beta 3
  • Download Cydia Impactor
  • iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus running mach_portal jailbreak
  • Cydia

How to Install yaluX Essentials on iPhone 7/7+ on iOS 10.1/10.1.1 

Step 1 Start Cydia installer.

Step 2 Go to Sources > Edit > Add

installd ota patch cydia

Step 3 Add ijapija00’s repository to Cydia –


Step 4 Install yaluX Essentials package.

Step 5 Download the modified mach_portal using the link given above.

Step 6 Install it with Cydia Impactor utility. If you don’t know how to use Cydia Impactor, read this tutorial.

Step 7 Reboot and run the modified mach_portal application on your device.

That’s it. Enjoy your stable jailbreak. If it doesn’t work, retry a few times.

As this package is in beta development stage, errors are to be expected. It may break location services on your device.

This can be easily fixed by installing libLocation by Antonio Calatrava from Cydia.

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