YaluFix IPA – Reinstall Cydia after Deletion [FIX ALL CYDIA ERRORS]

Did you accidentally delete Cydia? If yes, then using YaluFix is probably your best bet.

Cydia can get messed up due to a number of things. If you installed any bogus file from the internet, it can disable Cydia’s functionality.

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If you are getting blank sources in Cydia. If you go into the Changes tab or go to a source, nothing shows up.

This can be very problematic and you might get a ton of errors upon opening like method HTTP has failed or has died unexpectedly.

This is a major error and it’s very complicated to fix it with SSH. This is where YaluFix comes into action.

What is YaluFix?

YaluFix is a modified version of Yalu jailbreak. YaluFix IPA fixes all Cydia errors by reinstalling a fresh Cydia.

It works great in the following scenarios.

  • If you’ve accidentally deleted Cydia or something went horribly wrong.
  • You are getting a lot of errors such as DPKG Locked, blank repo/sources, HTTP has died unexpectedly.
  • Cydia’s file system was corrupted.

However, as a side effect, if you use it on a working jailbreak, it will delete all of your tweaks. It’s a great solution for novice users who are not comfortable with command line/SSH.

safari jailbreak ios 10

So here’s a one-size-fits-all solution. This will reinstall Cydia and get everything working like normal.

This method is completely safe. It works but it may require multiple tries. Now onto the tutorial.

Note – As of now, YaluFix IPA file is incompatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (mach_portal).

Keep the following things ready beforehand.

YaluFix Requirements

  • An iOS device compatible with Yalu jailbreak
  • A computer running Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Download Cydia Impactor
  • Download YaluFix IPA file  (Mirror will be uploaded soon)

How to Reinstall Cydia and Fix all Cydia Errors with YaluFix IPA on iOS 10-10.2 

Step 1 Connect your device to the computer. if iTunes starts, close it.

Step 2 Launch Cydia Impactor tool.


Step 3 Install YaluFix IPA file by dragging it over to Impactor. If you don’t know how to use Cydia Impactor, read this guide first.

Step 4 Login with your Apple ID and Impactor will sign the YaluFix IPA package. If Cydia Impactor throws errors, read this FAQ.

apple id jailbreak

Step 5 Go to Settings > General on your device. Scroll down and open the Device Management section.

Step 6 Select Trust Profile option.

Step 7 Unplug your device from the computer.

Step 8 Hit the “go” button.

yalu 10.2 ipa

Step 9 Start Cydia application. It will now be up and running. All Cydia errors (DPKG Locked, blank sources) will now be fixed.

Step 10 Since YaluFix installs an older version of Cydia, you must upgrade it. If there’s any weird dependency, exit Cydia and launch it again and let it do its thing. You will now be able to upgrade Cydia without any hassle.

Step 11 The Installed tab is going to be blank even though you may have several tweaks installed already. To fix broken Cydia packages, search for the tweak, install it and then uninstall it. This will fix any broken libraries that got broken while reinstalling Cydia.

Step 12 Delete the YaluFix app you just installed.

Step 13 Jailbreak again with Yalu102 beta 7 using Cydia Impactor. Follow this tutorial to do it properly.

Were you able to fix all Cydia Errors?

Now that Cydia errors have been fixed, you can start installing your favorite tweaks. If “Changes” section is blank, go to Sources and refresh. You will need to manually add all Cydia repositories/sources except the default ones.

If you are still getting any error, post a comment below. I will be happy to help.

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    Do I Have To Delete The Previous Yalu App??

    • Yes, you need to do that first.

  • mike zoqui

    Holly smokes this works, Thanks I was stuck on error 2 for a long time

    • Glad you got it working, Mike.

  • No, this is for iOS 10 only.


    Thanks good contribution excellent


    In the first attempt i worked

    • that’s great, Javier. Glad you got it working on your first attempt!

  • Worked. Thanks !!

    • glad you got it working!

  • Rhett Johnson

    Doesn’t work at all for me. I was linked here from reddit.

    Here is my problem : https://www.reddit .com/r/jailbreak/comments/64bcib/question_stuck_with_cydia_and_can_not_install/

    • Hello, Rhett. Are you getting any error or this fix is installing but not working as it’s supposed to?

      • Rhett Johnson

        The fix makes no difference in the error messages I receive trying to download anything with Cydia.

        • Have you tried iCloud erase?

          • Rhett Johnson

            I just completed the iCloud erase. Cydia is still on there along with Anemone, and I’m going to try yalufix again.

          • Rhett Johnson

            Just followed the steps again. Did the iCloud thing, did yalufix.

            Still receiving the “unable to make backup link of ‘./Applications/Cydia.app/Sections/Dictionaries.png’ before installing new version” and “Sub-process/usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code (1)” error.

            Really starting to miss iOS 8.3.

          • Rhett Johnson

            I receive those errors while trying to do the Complete Upgrade, and Cydia just crashes.

          • Do you have iOS 9 blobs saved up?

          • Rhett Johnson

            I have no idea what that means.

          • Ok. So I am assuming you don’t have them. Have you tried yalu dark?

          • Rhett Johnson

            I read it, and it told me that there’s no difference between that and yalu102. Not sure how aesthetics would fix my issue.
            But worth a try.

          • Yes, try it and report back. Good luck.

          • If you have them, you can go back to iOS 9 easily.

          • Rhett Johnson

            I see. But as stated before, I have no clue what that means. Nothing worked at all. Still having the same problem.

          • Ok. Did the above tutorial work for you?

      • Rhett Johnson

        If it makes it any easier, I posted this question with screenshots of the errors here : https://www.reddit .com/r/jailbreak/comments/64bcib/question_stuck_with_cydia_and_can_not_install/

  • 1. Backup your device and then follow this tutorial – https://yalujailbreak.net/cydia-not-installed-ios-10/

    2. Install tweaks and then restore from backup.

  • kizmet1313

    OMG OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU. You saved my iphone. I got Cydia Back. Your the best.

    • Hello, kizmet. Glad it worked for you.

  • MistuhRyRy

    is there one for the iPhone 7 plus on 10.1.1 running mach portal?

  • veadee

    it really worked , thx alot

    • Hello, veadee. Glad it worked for you.

  • Sammeer Vatts

    it says “failed,retry” and when clicked on it,it forces a restart on the device!help!

  • Sammeer Vatts

    it says “failed,retry” and when clicked on it,it forces a restart on the device!help!
    i’ve been trying to get it fixed through the methods you specified in your post on how to fix this retry error but i was still unsuccessful..please help!!

      • Sammeer Vatts

        I told you i tried all of them!!i’ve trying it to get to work for 2 days now!pls do help!thanks for replying tho!!👍👍

        • Try using airplane mode.

          • Sammeer Vatts

            Bro m telling u no?tried everything which was on the page…please do help!

          • Have you tried Yaluspace or Blueyalu?

          • Sammeer Vatts

            No, I didn’t.what is it about?

          • They are modified versions of Yalu jailbreak that offer more features such as “Reinstall Cydia”.

          • Sammeer Vatts

            Thank you for your response.i will try rhis and will tell you the result!!thank you again!i didnt think that you will help me to this extent!you the real mvp✌️️✌️️👍👍

          • Haha, thank you!! No problem, buddy. I try to help everyone to the best of my abilities. The problem is I can only provide limited support over the internet. To properly fix a problem, I need to get hold of the broken device first.

            Try these versions and see if they fix your errors. Good luck and don’t forget to report back.

          • Sammeer Vatts

            Bro niether of them worked..should i just update and restore my device and wait for an jailbreak for that version?

          • Could you please clarify why did you use this IPA?

          • Sammeer Vatts

            To reinstall cydia..!

          • You can do that manually too. Follow this guide – https://yalujailbreak.net/accidentally-deleted-cydia-ios-10/

  • Kyle

    the app that “yalufix” signed onto my phone was identical to the yalu102 that was on my phone already. and it doesnt work.

    • Hello, Kyle. Yes yalufix is just a modified version of the origianl Yalu jailbreak. What error are you getting?

      • Kyle

        It won’t jailbreak. It will say “already jailbroken” while my phone stays in a non jailbroken state.

        • Try using other modified versions such as Yalublue or Yaluspace. Just use the search box given in the sidebar.

          • Kyle

            neither yalublue or yaluspace worked. cydia was the initial problem that lead me to yalufix (cydia crashing on startup). i tried both yalublue and yaluspace with the option to reinstall cydia and still no change.

          • John Scullion

            Hi Luca
            I’m unable to connect to ifunbox for the same reason I can’t connect to iTunes. Nightmare. My device doesn’t show up in iTunes and cannot connect to ifunbox. 🙁

  • Josh Lee

    Thanks I have been looking for a solution to my problem for over a year now and I finally found it.

    • That’s great, Josh! Glad it worked for you.

  • Max Power

    Luca, a huge thank you is owed to you for all that you’ve put into this and other tools. Specifically, yalufix saved me from having to update my 6S+ on 10.1.1. My phone was stuck in a Springboard loop and unable to open any apps. Unfortunately, panicked and one of the first guides I found to fix it was erasing with iCloud. After that every suggestion I found to correct the Cydia error caused by DPKG Locked, failed (SSH, sideload iFile/MTerminal, etc). 3 days searching for a solution took me everywhere, until I came across a comment with an ipa file for a 7 that caused a different version of Cydia to load and cured other reader’s phones and led me to here. Yus!

    Now that I am back into a functioning Cydia and all seeming well,my questions are about the best way to proceed. I mistakingly had previously installed Stashing, so I assume that everything is still “there”? The Installed folder in Cydia is empty, do I need to try and install every tweak again (and uninstall)? Should I run OSRestoreX? or C., none of the above and I should do?

    Again, a sincere thank you providing tools/guides like this.

  • Rana Talha

    still error cant make backup line …… plus i cant upgrade cydia to latest

    • Hello, Rana. Can you please send me a screenshot?

  • Brad

    I’m getting stuck at Installing IPA. I’ve tried it many times, still stuck. I deleted the old Yalu and I restarted my phone.

    • Hello, Brad. Are you using the latest versions of impactor?

      • Brad


        • Are you sure you are not going above the 3 app limit?

          • Brad


  • John Scullion

    Hi all,

    Firstly hi, i’m a new member that has been following the site for some time, however this is the first time I have posted.

    My issue is with Cydia Impactor hanging when trying to re-jailbreak with Yalu102.

    I enter my apple id and password into impactor after dragging in the Yalu102 file (Beta 7) it then shows a green bar which fills but then hangs with the following message – IDMSWebAuth/clientDAW.cgi

    No matter how long I wait it hangs at this point, im not sure how to sort this out, I have had the jailbreak working for some time, and rejailbroken the ipad air many times using the same procedure. however it no longer works for me.

    Im unable to restore my Ipad as I do not have the SHSH blobs to stay on IOS 10.2.
    I think this happened when I stupidly tried to install AppSync. silly me.
    Also iTunes does not recognise my ipad, but it does recognise my other devices with same cable.

    Any Ideas on how I can resolve my issue, it would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    • Hello, John. First of all, welcome to the Yalu community.

      Have you tried using Pgyer given here – https://yalujailbreak.net/safari-jailbreak-ios-10/ Try this and report back.

      This error may have been caused by AppSync. Several users have reported that to me already.

      • John Scullion

        Hi Luca, thanks for making me feel welcome and for replying so quickly. I tried those methods yesterday, however the app starts to download but hangs on the install on the home page. The wheel gets about 3/4 of the way round before it asks me if I want to retry.

        I have the ghost app file on my home screen and cannot delete it.

        I tried all 3 methods starting ayouche.me.

        Any other ideas?


        • Thanks for the kind words. I recommend you try TuTuApp – https://yalujailbreak.net/download-tutuapp/

          It has a download link for the jailbreak.

          I also suggest you give this a read – https://yalujailbreak.net/cydia-impactor-not-detecting/

          • John Scullion

            Hi Luca,
            Many thanks for the further information. I have tried TuTu helper and I again have a ghost file, with no profile to click trust on, just A ghost app on my home screen, however I can delete it this time.
            Just to give you a little more info on my steps so far.
            My Ipad is not recognised in iTunes but does show up in impactor. all other devices are recognised in iTunes with no issues.
            When I reset location and privacy settings my ipad shows up in iTunes asks to update firmware then I click trust device on my ipad, and once I click this it is not recognised in iTunes again, but does show in imp[actor and windows as a device.
            I have updated my apple drivers, also reinstalled latest version of iTunes.
            I have the latest version of impactor and Yalu102 Beta7, also tried Yalufix.
            I restored my ipad by using the find my iPhone method to erase device whilst protecting my ios firmware version. again same issue.
            Im totally stuck and unsure how to proceed? is there a way we can remove appsync as im sure this I what’s causing the issue.
            Thanks for all your help as always,

          • I got you. You can still save your device. I suggest following this tutorial from the beginning.

          • John Scullion

            Hi Luca you mean this page we’re chatting on. Of so then this does not work. I tried Yalufix again. Impactpr hangs at the green bar with this message – IDMSWebAuth/clientDAW.cgi

            Is there a way to get iTunes to recognose my device again tried the drivers and reinstalling iTunes. It’s deinoflty recognitions in device manager and impact or but not iTunes.

          • Try revoking your certificates from the XCode tab.

          • John Scullion

            Hi Brad. I tried this but still have the same issues.

          • I will get it fixed, don’t worry! Have you tried using another Apple ID?

          • John Scullion

            Thanks for your patience and determination 👍🏻 I have another tried another Apple ID, I think the problem is to do with it not eing recognised in iTunes, I also do not get the ‘do you trust this computer’ message when I connect the cable as it normally should. I think if I could get it recognised then it will go through the process of JB. Is there anyway to remove app sync without using SSH? My iPhone is connecting fine with the same cable.

          • No problem. Give this a try – https://dallaslittle .github .io/jailbreak

          • John Scullion

            Hi Luca,

            Thanks so much for your help the Yalu app has now installed and trusted. When clicking again it states already jailbroken. Problem now is that I do not have Cydia installed. Is there a way to show/install it?Also can I remove app sync/clean my iPad so I can be back to the usual JB Yalu fix via impactor?
            Thanks again really appreciate your help 👍🏻

    • John Scullion

      Hi Luca. I can’t connect to iFunbox. It’s the same issue I have with iTunes. My iPad is recognised by windows, but not by iFunbox or iTunes. I do not get the ‘Trust This Computer’ message. I need to resolve this conitue with Codina etc. Thanks for your determination. 💪🏼™

      • Sorry for the late reply. AppSync is the culprit here and unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that until you remove the jailbreak and wipe your device completely.

  • Bailey Raffin

    i made a fucking mistake i used it a 2nd time like this

    i used it to fix cydia errors i did not delete yalufix
    4days later phone rebooted i used yalufix again thinking it was normal one now all cydia tweaks are gone and shit like that now what?

    • Hello, Bailey. This IPA deletes an important file and maybe that’s what causing the issues. You will now need to restart the process.