How to Fix yalu/mach_portal Jailbreak Not Re-Jailbreaking

A lot of users are reporting that yalu102 or mach_portal is not re-jailbreaking properly. Some users have also reported that after opening Yalu jailbreak, their device just reboots.

Why is yalu/mach_portal Not able to Re-Jailbreak?

Maybe you have installed a bogus tweak or you are not using the suitable version to jailbreak your device. “Not able to re-jailbreak” error can occur due to many things or a combination thereof.

untethered jailbreak

This problem is more prevalent in mach_portal than in yalu102 jailbreak. Since mach_portal is stuck in beta stage and unstable, it is pretty normal to get errors, kernel panics and reboots.

This tutorial is written specifically for jailbreak application. If you are getting errors while using Cydia Impactor, read this tutorial.

Here’s a quick fix for this problem.

How to Fix yalu/mach_portal Not Re-Jailbreaking

Method 1

Try turning on Airplane mode right before you open the yalu102 or mach_portal application on your device. This will fix the re-jailbreak issue in most of the cases.

Method 2

If the above fix, doesn’t work, try the modified Yalu jailbreak IPA file. The download links and tutorials are given below –

Method 3

Reboot your device and then try to re-jailbreak again.

Method 4

This error can also arise if you are not on the latest version of Yalu jailbreak. To upgrade your device to the latest jailbreak for your firmware, follow this guide.

Method 5

If all else fails, you can try CoolStar’s Semi Resore 10 Lite or Nathan’s OSRestoreX on-device utility. This will help your device go back to stock settings. You can then easily start from scratch and jailbreak your device again.

These tools are great alternatives to Cydia Eraser.

I hope this fixes all your issues. if you are still not able to re-jailbreak properly, leave a comment below.

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