Wraith – Ad-free replacement for Phantom/Snapchat++

Another day, another tweak. Wraith brings the classic Snapchat hacks to the latest iOS firmware. Here’s how you can download and set it up on your iPhone.

How Wraith works

As Snapchat tightens the noose on third-party apps, developers have started deprecating their tweaks whereas some have even ceased development entirely.

But let’s just admit it, Snapchat isn’t Snapchat without all those cool hacks and mods. This new tweak gives you a chance to access locked features.

Wraith Cydia tweak is a lightweight advertisement-free alternative to Snapchat++ and Phantom for iOS 13. It is developed by Justin Carlson, who is a newcomer to the jailbreak scene.

snapchat hacks

It lets you unlock the standard set of Snapchat features that were available in its predecessors in a jiffy. Here’s a quick rundown of its features –

  • Save snap and story media files (except Discovery media)
  • Disable snap and story viewing
  • Disable auto-advance in all views
  • Unlimited snap viewing time
  • Image upload to be sent as a snap/story
  • Disable typing and screenshot notifications


Since Wraith doesn’t have a Settings section, you can start using it from the get-go. All you need to is install it on your iPhone and fire up Snapchat.

Save snap and story media files

  • Open Snapchat and ensure Wraith has been successfully loaded.

  • Open the media file you want to save locally on your device. Remember, Discovery media doesn’t work with this feature as of right now.

  • Tap the Save button to save the file to your camera roll. Once the download succeeds, the tweak will display the following popup – “Success. We have successfully saved a video!”.

  • Tap YAY! to continue.

Upload images snap/story from camera roll

  • Select a contact from your friend’s list and tap Snap.

  • Tap the “U” icon present next to the snap button. The tweak will now open the Camera Roll wherefrom you can upload saved media as snap or stories.

  • Simply tap on a file to upload it to Snap.

  • Once you select the desired photo, tap the Snap button to send it.

Other features

Other features such as disabling snap/story viewing, disabling auto-advance, unlimited snap viewing time, and disabling typing and screenshot notifications require no setup or setting.

These features are enabled as soon as you install the tweak from Cydia.

Does Wraith have DRM protection built into it?

Snapchat’s DRM or jailbreak detection system is a hot topic in the jailbreak community right now. Several developers and hackers are working hard to develop a working jailbreak detection bypass yet Snapchat one-ups them every time.

As far as Wraith goes, its developer hasn’t yet added functional DRM protection, nor does he plan to do so in the future.

With that being said, Justin rigorously tested it on three separate Apple devices for a period of three months without getting banned.

Snapchat dead

Moreover, he also modified Snapchat’s core with minuscule modifications in order to make it difficult for Snap to detect and block it.

But as the tweak rises in popularity and more users start installing it, Snapchat will likely be able to detect it.

Therefore, you use this tweak at your own risk. The developer will assume no responsibility for account bans or locks in the results following from the usage of his mod.

Download Wraith Snapchat tweak for iOS 13

This tweak is quite rightly the only functional Snapchat hack that lets you save snaps and perform other “locked” actions. If you are using SnapFrogi or any other obsolete tweak like Snapchat++, uninstall it and hop onto Wraith right now! Highly recommended.

While I do recommend it, this tweak doesn’t come without its shortcomings, for instance, it currently lacks a dedicated Settings or preferences section and a working jailbreak detection bypass.

Wraith is available for download on BigBoss repo for free. It is compatible with iOS 13 and older versions. It currently supports Snapchat version and below.

Future updates

  • The developer may add a Settings section in future versions, but only after the developer ascertains if the addition of a preference bundle doesn’t lead to a ban.


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