Developer Wizages Leaves the Jailbreak Community!

Jailbreak community has lost yet another great developer. Was it piracy that made him leave the scene? Let’s find out below.

Why did Wizages leave the Jailbreak Community?

Tweak developer Wizages has bagged a job at Amazon after completing his graduation with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

The developer confirmed this on Twitter.

He is now preparing to bid farewell to the jailbreakers. Before he leaves, he intends to release his much anticipated Call Banners tweak as a a farewell gift to the community. He is still working on it and will release it for the public soon.


He became popular on the scene mainly for his Repsring Cydia tweaks. Here’s a complete list of all Cydia tweaks developed by Wizages.

  • Build That Wall
  • CanYouLikeNot
  • CleanSheets
  • Garmin Connect Fixes
  • Label Notify
  • MakeRespringsGreatAgain
  • RespringProgress
  • Share Anywhere
  • SpringChanger

If you want any of his tweaks, you can go to BigBoss repo or install it directly from Wizages repo.

Will Wizages ever come back on the Jailbreak scene?

He’s a talented young developer and it would be great to see him making a comeback. Right now, we should all wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.


Although Wizages left the community due to his job, many developers have left due to piracy. Several developers have voiced their concerns about piracy in the jailbreak community and very rightly so.

I highly recommend you legally purchase Cydia tweaks to support the developers. This keeps the community up and running in the right direction and keeps attracting new developers.

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