Can iOS 11.1.2 get 7.5-watt fast wirelesss charging support?

iOS 11.2 brings a lot of new features to the iPhone but jailbreakers can’t derive benefit from it. Let’s find out if the highly anticipated wireless charging feature can be ported to iOS 11.1.2.

Why is wireless charging useless?   

Wireless charging has been around for ages and isn’t a groundbreaking feature of iOS 11.2. Before Apple introduced it, Nokia and Samsung had already implemented wireless charging in their flagship smartphones.

Despite its popularity, this new charging standard has failed to kill the aging wired charger.

Almost all high-end devices still come bundled with wired chargers. In my opinion, they will not get relegated to low-end models anytime soon.

Here’s how the wireless 7.5-watt charging in iOS 11.2 stacks up against other charging methods on older models.

As is evident, the wireless charging on iOS 11.2 is comparable to that on iOS 11.0. It only gets ahead of iOS 11.0 only after the 70-minute mark.

There are a few fluctuations on the older version but they are hardly noticeable to the end user.

Therefore, a 50% increase in the wattage doesn’t necessarily translate into better charging efficiency.

Can iOS 11.1.2 get a wireless charging tweak?

Although this feature is practically useless, this doesn’t mean developers can’t port it to iOS 11.1.2.

Moreover, it’s a software-based change without any modifications to the hardware so backward compatibility is definitely possible with the right tweak.

Wireless charging iOS 11

Jailbreak tweak developers have ported a lot of modern features such as 3D Touch among others to incompatible versions and devices.

You could even use Siri and iMessage on older models back in the day thanks to Cydia tweaks.

As of now, no developer has taken up the project and it’s not sure someone will do so in the future.

Until then, keep using your stock charger, which is undoubtedly the best charger for your device’s battery health.

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