6 Reasons Why you should Jailbreak iOS 10

Jailbreak community has become insanely active as Luca released Yalu jailbreak. Yalu successfully jailbreaks all 64-bit devices running iOS 10 except the iPhone 7.


One of the most important advantages of jailbreak is access to system files. In other words, jailbreak “opens” the closed iOS 10 operating system.

Is iOS 10 jailbreak really necessary? Let’s explore some of the advantages and features offered by iOS 10 jailbreak. Here are 10 reasons as to why you should jailbreak iOS 10.

Insane Personalization

There are tons of ways to customize iOS 10 to your liking thanks to the jailbreak community. There are free themes, icons and tweaks that do just that.

Apple limits users when it comes to customizing the various elements of iOS user interface. This is one of the main reasons for installing iOS 10 jailbreak. The “vanilla” iOS firmware is very closed and hence a jailbreak is needed to lift these restrictions.

With tweaks such as Anemone and LockHTML4, you can create your own unique setup. Here’s an stunning setup on iOS 10 –

ios 10 anemone setup

If there is something you want to change on iOS 10, you can do it with Cydia tweaks. Change icons of the apps, customize the color of Control Center, add new features, change the standard animations and even incorporate new features into App Store applications.

The possibilities for personalizing your device are endless.

Cydia Tweaks 

Many apps are not available on the official App Store. App developers must adhere to the strict rules of Apple. This has a downside as the apps don’t unleash the full potential of your iOS device. Here’s where Cydia comes into action.

cydia ios 10.2

There’s a reason why Cydia is the number one unofficial app store. iOS users can easily install great tweaks through tons of repositories.

Would you like to record phone calls? Done! Hide your files from nosey people? No problem. Improve the native camera. The list is endless.

Download the latest version of Cydia here.

Unlimited Tethering

By tethering, you can create a hotspot on your iOS device and share your Internet connection with other smartphones/computers. Many of the mobile phone providers, especially with prepaid contracts, unfortunately do not offer this function for free.

tetherme ios 10

With iOS 10 jailbreak, you can bypass this restriction and use tethering.

Streamlined Performance

Jailbreak users are not just motivated by installation of pirated or illegal applications. Many are tempted by the ability to download unofficial utility apps that are not available on the official App Store.

icleaner pro

The most popular cleaning tweak iCleaner Pro is a great way to improve performance. It is one of the most advanced solutions for cleaning unnecessary and junk files. The utility is simple and straightforward to use. It removes application data, logs, caches, partially downloaded packages from Cydia, other unused and temporary files.

This means faster system performance and more free space on the internal memory. This makes your experience much more smooth and streamlined.

Improved Security 

With Cydia tweak BiolockDown, you can block applications on iOS 10 using the fingerprint reader of the smartphone.

security iphone

By default, the sensor automates only access to the home screen, entering the password and shopping in the App Store and iTunes Store. With this tweak, the fingerprint module can also be to used to limit access to games and applications. For example, you can lock Photos, iMessage or social networking clients.

Night Mode

The native Settings application, App Store and many other apps are very bright. The menu design is dominated by white color, which many users don’t like. The light background becomes inconvenient especially when working with your device late at night.

Jailbreak allows you to activate night mode or a darker theme altogether. A night/dark mode does have its use in iOS. It reduces the eye strain in the night and makes usage seamless.


This can achieved with the Noctis, NightMode9 and Eclipse3 Cydia tweaks.

That’s it! We hope you’ve changed your mind now and will jailbreak your device asap. Follow our step by step iOS 10.2 jailbreak guide,

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