A Conversation with hacker and Coffeebreakerz member, Vincent Desmurs

I’m back with another insightful interview. Our guest today is a member of the infamous Coffeebreakerz Dev Team. Read the full interview below.

First of all, I would like to introduce our guest, Vincent Desmurs. Vincent has been involved in the jailbreak scene for quite some time now and has already contributed to several projects with Coffeebreakerz Dev Team.

Q1. How and when did you get started with jailbreak tweak development?

A. I don’t develop jailbreak tweaks, maybe later I will try to make some of those. As far as other development goes, I learned to code by reading some online forums like OpenClassrooms, Stack Overflow, W3Schools, etc.


YouTube is also good to learn some basic things like setting up your own Hackintosh, Xcode, etc.

Q2. Spacespring is an indispensable app for all iOS 10 users. How much time did it take you develop it from the ground up?

A. When I found the first bug with CVE, I saw the text code can make the iPhone very slow when we launch it from alarm or notification.

After I saw with my friend Sem Voïgtlander, we came to know that it’s indeed a bug in the iOS operating system. This is how SpaceSpring was born!

It took us about 1-2 months to discover the bug and subsequently develop Spacespring from the ground up.

Q3. Are you still working alongside Coffeebreakerz Dev Team?

A. I said on Twitter that I was leaving Coffeebreakerz Dev Team but I am always in contact with them. Although I no longer officially work on their projects, they can always count on my help.

Q4. The jailbreak community doesn’t trust the Coffeebreakerz Dev Team like they do, for example, Team Pangu. Are there any specific reasons behind that?

A. In the past, Coffeebreakerz teased some fake jailbreak tools that were never released. This is the primary reason why people don’t trust us.

With that being said, CoffeeBreakerz have discovered several bugs (WebKit, SpaceSpring, etc) and the members are good developers as well.

Q5. Which projects are you currently working on right now?

A. I just launched my new website – genhub.me.

It is my latest project that I have developed alongside RaufyDevs to distribute free accounts for services such as Netflix, Spotify, Crunchyroll, etc.

My objective for the next few months is to discover some bugs in iOS and web and hopefully develop some apps & websites.

Q6. Do you currently own a jailbroken device? What are your favorite Cydia tweaks?

A. I own about 20 devices, which run the various versions of iOS. I also have 2-3 jailbroken devices that I use rarely but a lot of my devices run a jailbreakable version of iOS.


I keep them around just to test things out sometimes but my main device is on the latest iOS version always.

My favorite Cydia tweak is Springtomize, which allows you to customize your device like you want to and I like this functionality.

Q7. What can the jailbreak community expect from you in the future?

A. Publish some bugs, discover some good websites and maybe new crash messages.

That’s it! Be sure to check out Vincent’s new website (the link is already given above) and follow him on Twitter for the latest updates.

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