Why don’t Untethered Jailbreak tools exist for 64-bit devices?

Why are untethered jailbreaks getting scarce by the day? Let’s find out below.

Why don’t hackers develop untethers?

The primary reason behind this is the dearth of powerful exploits in Apple’s mobile operating system. Consequently, all jailbreak tools for the latest firmware versions have been semi-untethered in nature.

Developing an untether requires an immense amount of work even when the hacker has all the necessary exploits.

It also carries the risk of causing a bootloop if anything goes haywire during the development process.


Anyone can fix a bootloop easily by updating to the latest firmware version. However, if the signing window of the vulnerable version is closed, you will be stuck with no way of going back.

Furthermore, “persistent” exploits are way more valuable than other exploits. They can easily fetch hackers a nice million-dollar payday in the 0-day black market.

Will we get an untethered tool in the future?

The answer, of course, is no. I truly believe that the days of untethered jailbreaks are long gone now. Due to the reasons given above, the possibility of getting an untethered tool in the future is extremely low.

Moreover, workarounds such as Cydia Extender, Cydia Impactor, and JailbreakMe make it even less relevant.


What do you think – are untethers still relevant or are they a thing of the past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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