How to unlock iPhone X with Face ID without swiping up

Another day, another tweak. These new tweaks aim to remove the annoying swipe up gesture present in the iPhone X. Here’s how you can install and use them on your Apple smartphone.

iPhone X’s unlock system explained

As you already know, iPhone X uses Face ID, facial recognition for authentication. Although Face ID is extremely fast, what the user needs to do next isn’t.

Once you unlock your iPhone X with Face ID, you must perform the good old swipe up gesture to access your home screen. This feature is useful but only if you have notifications on your lock screen.

Here’s a video demonstration of how the stock unlocking system works.

It should ideally allow the user to directly access the home screen if there are no notifications. This is akin to touching the home button instead of pressing it to unlock your device on older devices.

Here are two jailbreak tweaks you can install right now to disable the swipe up gesture altogether.

You can use any of these tweaks on your device but ensure you don’t install both.

How to disable swipe-up to unlock iPhone X

1. AutoUnlockX Cydia tweak (paid)

AutoUnlockX Cydia tweak removes the swipe up gesture on unlocking from your iPhone X. It is developed by renowned tweak developer, SparkDev.

This is a paid package and you require a jailbreak in order to make this tweak work. Since Cydia is not available yet for iOS 11, you must contribute to SparkDev’s Patreon page to download this tweak.

AutoUnlockX is available for download for paid Patreon users only. It is compatible with iOS 11.

2. FastUnlockX Cydia tweak (free)

FastUnlockX Cydia tweak works in the exact same manner as that of AutoUnlockX. It is developed by tweak developer, Carlos Perez aka CPDigitalDarkroom.

The developer decided to release it for free because the code comprises just 7-8 lines. There’s no Patreon involved here, just grab the ZIP file and install it on your device.

FastUnlockX is available for download for free here. It is compatible with iOS 11.            

Once you download the ZIP archive, read this tweak installation tutorial for iOS 11 firmware.

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