How to remove to.panga jailbreak from iOS 11 firmware

A lot of users are stuck with the obsolete to.panga jailbreak tool and are having a hard time removing it. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the uninstallation process.

Why is removing to.panga important?

Abraham Masri, the developer of to.panga jailbreak, has left the scene and ceased jailbreak development.

His iOS 11 jailbreak project is completely abandoned and no developer is working on it.

This tool was a proof-of-concept and aimed at developers and testers only. Nonetheless, some over-enthusiastic users still installed it on their devices.

iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak

Since this tool was incomplete, a lot of users are worried about bricking their devices.

This tool doesn’t do anything meaningful and can soft-brick your device if you are not careful. There’s no inbuilt SSH client, which further impedes your ability to remove it manually.

Moreover, this tool installs 32-bit binaries on top of other tools, which install 64-bit binaries.

Which tool can you use to wipe it off?

Some developers were working on an uninstaller for this tool. However, no concrete progress has been made thus far.

Eraser-jailed was one such tool that promised to completely wipe to.panga. It is developed by Fox Flash Team and was supposed to be released two weeks back.

eraser jailed

Sammy Guichelaar was also working on such a tool but he abandoned it midway due to unknown reasons.

I guess it’s safe to assume that no “eraser” or “remover” will drop anytime in the near future. Therefore, all those who installed this tool must take matters into their own hands.

Here’s the full uninstallation tutorial if you are running this tool. Remember, remove any jailbreak tool other than to.panga from your device.


  • A compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  • iOS 11 firmware
  • A computer running Windows or macOS
  • WinSCP or Cyberduck FTP client
  • Bootstrap.tar

How to wipe to.panga jailbreak from your iPhone

1. Establish SFTP connection

Step 1 Download bootstrap.tar file from this link. This file is provided by Tom Lube. It serves as the carbon copy of to.panga’s files currently present on your device’s filesystem.

This will allow us to remove mirror everything and then make the necessary changes to our filesystem.

Step 2 Unarchive the tar archive to a location where you can access it quickly. We will be using this file a lot in the coming steps.

Step 3 Install Electra jailbreak development toolkit on your device.

Electra Jailbreak toolkit

Step 4 Establish an SFTP session with your device using WinSCP or Cyberduck. Use the exact same details as given below. Key in your Wifi IP address, port number (22), username (root), and password (alpine).

If you don’t know how to determine your IP address, go to Settings and select “i” icon next to your Wifi network’s name.

Step 5 Press Login to access your device’s filesystem.

2. Delete jailbreak files

Step 6 Navigate to this location – /bootstrap/Applications. 

Step 7 Remove from this location. Deleting this file will delete Cydia from your device.

Step 8 Repeat steps 6 and 7 and remove all files present in the bootstrap folder from step 2.

You must delete every single file inside that folder from the same corresponding location on your filesystem with the exception of usr/lib/_ncurses folder on your device. Be patient and don’t delete any other file other than the ones present in the bootstrap archive.

Warning – You must delete files present inside folders only, not entire folders. For example, you will need to remove all the files present in the bin folder but not the bin folder itself.

remove topanga jailbreak

3. Reinstall binaries

Step 9 Once the deletion part is over, download LiberiOS jailbreak and install it on your device. This jailbreak is fully stable and complete. It also comes with SSH support.

Step 10 Establish an SSH session with your device with iTerminal using the details above. If you don’t have iTerminal, you can download it from the official App Store.

Step 11 Once you are inside the terminal, run the following command. This command will reinstall all the binaries on your iPhone.

export PATH=$PATH:/jb/usr/bin:/jb/bin:/jb/sbin:/jb/usr/sbin:/jb/usr/local/bin:

This tutorial is a bit confusing so leave a comment below if you run into an error or a problem.

Uninstall automatically with a bash script

Step 1 Install FilzaEscaped from this link.


Step 2 Download the uninstall script from here (link by Tom Lube) and transfer it to root using FilzaEscaped. The script should now be present in /

Step 3 SSH into your device as shown above.

Step 4 Run the following command –


Step 5 Install LiberiOS jailbreak on your device.

Step 6 SSH into your device again and run the following command –

export PATH=$PATH:/jb/usr/bin:/jb/bin:/jb/sbin:/jb/usr/sbin:/jb/usr/local/bin:

This method will fix the “Bad CPU type in executable” and “Killed” errors in terminal.

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