How to Uninstall Appsync without losing Jailbreak/Tweaks/Data [Bootloop Fix]

The jailbreak for iOS 10 has been long overdue. It was released last month for all 64-bit devices up to iOS 10.2. As you know, the main reason why a lot of users jailbreak is AppSync.

Update (February 3, 2017) – AppSync Unified has been updated for iOS 10/10.1.1/10.2. Read more about it here.

AppSync is a tool available on Cydia that allows you to install unsigned IPA files. AppSync was developed primarily for testing purposes.

It was geared towards developers only. However, tons of users use this powerful tool for pirating paid apps.


As always, a lot of users began asking about it on Twitter. Luca got so tired of hecklers on Twitter, he ended up blocking a lot of them.

It is not compatible with iOS 10 jailbreak and causes your device to bootloop. Even after repeated warnings, some users still installed Appsync.

iOS 10 devices got stuck in a bootloop as AppSync crashes installd whenever Cydia runs uicache.

Before we begin, we will use a network analyzer and SSH client to uninstall this malicious tweak. Here’s how to fix this problem.

How to Remove/Uninstall Appsync Unified without losing Jailbreak/Tweaks/Data on iOS 10

Solution #1

Step 1 Download Fing network analyzer on another device. Fire it up.

Step 2 Perform a network scan.

Step 3 Find the name of the device on which Appsync is installed and find its IP address.

Step 4 Download iTerminal SSH client. Remember, if you have jailbroken your device with the latest beta versions of yalu102, connect through USB only and not with Wi-fi.

Step 5 Create a new connection with the following details –

IP/HOST – IP address of the iOS device you located in step 3
PASSWORD – alpine

Step 6 Connect.

Step 7 Execute the following commands given below –

apt-get update
apt-get –purge remove net.angelxwind.appsyncunified
killall -9 SpringBoard

That’s all there’s to it. You have successfully uninstalled and removed Appsync unified without losing your jailbreak, tweaks and data.

If for some reason, this fix doesn’t work for you, follow the tutorials given below.

Solution #2

Step 1 Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer with USB.

Step 2 Start Yalu and jailbreak your device. If you don’t know how to do this, follow this tutorial. Before you proceed, make sure your device is in jailbreak state.

Step 3 Fire up any SSH client such as Putty.

Step 4 Connect to your iOS device using the details given below –

PASSWORD – alpine

Step 5 Enter the command dpkg -lThis will display a list of tweaks installed on your device.

Step 6 Enter the command dpkg -r AppSync. This will delete AppSync from your device.

Step 7 Enter the command now – killall -HUP SpringBoard. This command will respring your iOS device.

Step 8 Enter the command – su -c uicache mobile.

Step 9 Type su root and then reboot your device by entering the command reboot.

Hopefully this will fix your issue completely. Even if this fix doesn’t work for you, follow fix number 3.

Solution #3

Warning – This method will unjailbreak your iOS device. However, you can always re-jailbreak it later on.

Step 1 Open any web browser application on your computer.

Step 2 Go to Find my iPhone.

Step 3 Access the map and it will show your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Step 4 Click on your device and select the restore button.

Step 5 Select the Restore button and enter your Apple ID and other credentials that Apple requires.

Step 6 Your iOS device will now be restored.

Step 7 Upon completion of the restore process, your device will be unjailbroken. However, it will stay on the same iOS firmware.

Step 8 Install a backup.

Step 9 If you haven’t made a backup, set up your device.

Step 10 Jailbreak using this method.

Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10, 10.1.1 and 10.2 firmware still remains in beta. Many users may encounter bugs due to this. A stable jailbreak is just hours away as mixtape player still remains to be added.

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  • Connor

    Hey can you tell me what you mean by “connect by USB my phone isnt showing up on my network since it dont boot proper and get the home screen

    • Luca

      You need to connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.

      • Connor

        Hey thanks for the reply i have done its connected the apple logo is still there and about every 5 or so seconds it makes the connection noise. So how would i go about logging into the phone really appreciate if you can help.

        • Connor

          Its how you say “IP/HOST – IP address of the iOS device you located in step 3
          USERNAME – root
          PASSWORD – alpine” whats confusing me i carnt log in i have no IP since my phone wont get to the stage to talk to my router

          • Luca

            Hey Connor, which device do you have?

          • rashid gonzales

            hey luca Im a huge fan but really need a solution got stuck in bootloop installed unified accidentally got fucked AF how to identify my ip?

          • Hello, Rashid. Which method are you using?

          • rashid gonzales

            i used yalu on my 6s and im already in bootloop i thought it was the best to reboot the phone when my apps were not showing and idk how to get my ip now cant connect to a wifi to get the ip

          • I suggest you try other methods, if possible. I will then guide you from there.

          • rashid gonzales

            i dont have any other idea on how to repair this fucking brickness.

          • rashid gonzales

            how do i rstore without itunes updating?

          • You need to tell me a few things first – did method #1 work for you?

            Your device/firmware?

          • rashid gonzales

            non worked

          • It seems like your device is bricked beyond repair. There’s no alternative besides the conventional restore.

          • rashid gonzales

            iphones 6s

          • ok.

          • You can also try iCloud restore.

          • rashid gonzales

            i was gonna try solution #1

          • rashid gonzales

            im really close to restoring this fucked up phone…

          • Luca

            The tutorial has been updated. Try the other fixes as well.

    • Elias

      Hi Connor ,
      same issue here , i got an ip but cant connect via ssh (dont know if openSSh is installed at the iphone 5s were the problem is )
      so i have pluged in the usb cable but which Host should i use (using putty) ?, – i stuck at the Apple Logo but my SpringBoard isnt loading and makes the sound so i also cant get in Jailbreak state or rejailbreak … i got the same problem as LUCA –
      but thanks for the tutorial for some people it will help guess
      thnx for help
      lg elias

      • Elias

        sorry mixed something up 😀
        *Hi Luca / same problem as connor

      • Send me a snap.

  • My God, it worked fine, Appsync destroyed my JB, the solution was perfect! Many thanks and sorry for my bad english

    • Luca

      Hey Marc, glad it worked for you. Cheers! Be sure to follow us on Facebook/Twitter for latest updates and tutorials.

  • Benjamin Ovalle

    My Iphone 6s is stuck on boot loop cause of this. Will none of these work?

    • These methods will surely work.

  • Onkel_Milan

    Same Problem here as Connor.
    iPad Pro 12,9″ only shows the Apple Logo and make some short noise every x seconds, when usb-cable is connected.
    The Network scanner shows an generic Apple Device with an IP. No Connection over SSH possible,
    no ping. “Find my iPhone” says: Ipad is offline.
    Cydia Impactor is not working. It shows an error while injecting the yalu ipa.

    Any Ideas?

    • Send me a snap, mate.

  • Malachi

    So.. I’m on an iPhone 5s and I accidentally installed Unified and now my ios is stuck on a permanent bootloop. I can’t get the home screen to load up. I’ve tried to hard reset and follow what everyone else has done so far, and it’s still stuck on the boot up screen. I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a screw up because I forgot the answers to my security questions so I can’t reset it via “Find My IPhone”…. Can someone please help me if possible…?

    • Try recalling your password if possible otherwise restore to unjailbroken firmware.

  • Aman khare

    Hi Luca,

    i was on ios 10.2 and JB using Yalu before i screwed up my life by downloading appsync cyid tweak. The Solution 3 does not works since find my iphone is turn off and trying it says my device is offline.For the first two solutions you have mentioned , i am not sure how to proceed since my ipjhone is stuck in apple logo and it does not connects to wifi as i installed Fing Netwerk Analyser on an android device connected to my home wifi to which my iphone was last connected before going to boot loop, but it is not picked up by the FIng , so i am not getting the ip address to perform first two solutions.
    I dont know what to do know apart from going to recovery mode and installing ios 10.2.1 to which no JB is currently available.
    please reply soon.

    • Unfortunately, there’s no other way to fix this issue. You need to update to iOS 10.2.1.

      Send me a screenshot of your device.

      • 3rd

        Hi im stuck on apple screen bootloop any workaround on this yet??? Please

        • Yes, there are many workarounds for this. Did you install AppSync?

  • Booth Aldred


    I am able to SSH into my phone that I messed up with Appsync using Putty. However, when I try and remove Appsync, it says it is not installed. When I run dpkg -l I see it… Any thoughts?

    • Hello, Booth. Have you tried using other methods?

  • No, don’t do that. You can only restore to signed firmware.

  • Lakshay Girdhar

    I am not able to successfully figure out the host name and even if I enter an ip address which can be correct a black command screen appears in which I am not able to enter any command and then a connection time out error appears. PLEASE HELP! Device: iphone5s (ios 10.0.2).

  • Hello, Lakshay. Use this –

    • Lakshay Girdhar

      Network error:connection refused error. HELP

      • Which solution are you using?

        • Lakshay Girdhar

          Any of #2 or #3 but cant get past the hostname page in both solutions

          • Unfortunately, this means your device is now done for. The only option left is to do a restore.

          • try this host – 2222

  • Hello, Jack. That’s right. You will lose all your data in case you didn’t back it up.

  • Sadia Bloushi

    hii Luca, all of my apps have disappeared due to some tweak, and i accidentally deleted the yalu app now i cant do whatevers mentioned above as i cant jailbreak again yalu would want certificate authentication… helppp pleaaaseee

    • Hello, Sadia. Search for Yalufix and install it. It will fix the issue.

  • Dani

    Hi, do you need sshopen installed on your phone because both 1 and 2 option don’t work since i cant get my iPhone to connect through ssh, the connection fails or it times out every time

    • Hello, Dani. You don’t need that since Yalu has an in-built SSH client. Can you please elaborate on the problem you are facing and your device/firmware version? I will be able to assist you better that way.

      Are you inputting the port correctly?

      • Dani

        I guess technically I don’t have the jailbreak anymore because when my phone died it lost it, but i can still browse through its files with ifunbox so I guess this could be a reason why it’s not working, also my phone isn’t in a bootloop but somehow appsync is still messing with my phone and I can’t update or download any apps. My problem is that when I hit connect in iTerminal it says error, failed to connect. With the second option puTTY shows “network error: connection refused” I have an iPhone se in ios 10.1.1. Thank you.