udoq – The ultimate dock for Apple devices

German product developer Marcus Kuchler recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for udoq on Indiegogo. Here’s what sets this new docking station apart and why you should support this project.

What is udoq?

udoq is a docking station for your that lets you conveniently plug in and manage your Apple devices in a single place.

You can easily charge and operate your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or even the Apple Watch with it.

Check out its video demonstration below and see for yourself why it is called “the ultimate Apple dock”.

Features and Specs

The dock is very user-friendly and lets you connect your Apple device and in both vertical and horizontal orientations. It is fully future-proof and offers backward compatibility for legacy models.

You can easily incorporate any new charging standard that may be announced in the future or make swap connectors to accommodate older Apple devices.


The udoq also ensures a super-fast charge with its 2.4 amp integrated 5-port charger and a separate quick-charge port.

What’s more, this dock comes with Lightning to USB cable and even wireless chargers without any extra cost, without any extra cost to the user.

Price and availability

As of now, udoq is sitting at an impressive $7,274 raised by 66 backers. It has already hit the 48% of the overall funding goal and the campaign will last for 9 more days only.

You can support the project and help Marcus reach his $15,000 goal here.

Just like other crowdfunding campaigns, the success of this nifty little gadget depends on its backers and how generous they are. If you want this dock to come to life, please consider funding it.

If you would like to purchase the udoq, you can get the 400 model for $99 (shipping included) directly from Indiegogo and have it delivered to your home by December 2018.

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