TutuApp vs Appvalley + TweakBox feud heats up!

We are all used to drama within the jailbreak community but it seems that the sideloading community is not too far behind. Here’s what’s happening right now in the no-jailbreak scene.

TutuApp blocks AppValley and TweakBox

As you already know, TutuApp just released a new tool called Nesstool. TutuApp developers claim that it’s an “app protection and stability” tool that prevents app crashes.

However, this tool also subtly blocks its two main competitors – Appvalley and TweakBox.

I decided to try it myself and take a look at what happens afterward. Here’s what you get when you try to open TweakBox or Appvalley on your device after installing TutuApp’s Nesstool.

That’s all you get! A blank screen because TutuApp’s VPN configuration profile blocks AppValley’s and TweakBox’s host servers.

I was only able to get an advertisement displayed since it has a different host server.

Why is Tutu blocking them?

Tutu’s developers are not secretive at all about blocking their main competitors. Here’s what they posted on their official Twitter handle.

According to the statement above, they are blocking “some” 3rd-party App Stores because they are stealing apps from them.

Since the enterprise certificates cost a lot to maintain, they want to protect the integrity of their product.

Here’s what AppValley’s administrators have to say.

According to them, they never steal and sign their apps using private certificates that belong to them only.

How to get back AppValley and TweakBox

If you want to access Appvalley and TweakBox app installers once again, you will need to remove this tool from your device.

Once you do that, these installers will start working again without a hitch.


Also, don’t forget to ensure that the VPN profile is not present in the “VPN Configurations” section anymore. To do this, open the Settings app and go to General > VPN.

If you want to go with TutuApp and not use the above installers, you can install a secondary app. Here’s what I recommend –

What now?

Undoubtedly, this is an extremely shady business practice on TutuApp’s part.

I’m currently running a poll on Twitter so you can show support for your favorite app installer by retweeting or liking.

Who are you going to side with and why? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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