Top 5 active Patreon pages for purchasing beta tweaks

Patreon has been a hot topic in within the jailbreak community lately. If you are already missing Cydia, here are a few Patreon pages that are worth supporting.

Which Patreon pages are worth your support?

I have ranked the top 5 pages according to the following parameters –

  • Number of tweaks
  • Quality of tweaks
  • Cost
  • After-sales support
  • Developer’s history

5. Ziph0n

French developer Ziph0n is an accomplished tweak developer and has created a lot of cool tweaks such as PickPocket and BatteryFlow over the years.

He recently returned to the jailbreak scene after a  brief hiatus.

As of now, his Patreon page is rather inactive and there aren’t any tweaks as well. However, you can still access a lot of his older tweaks and App Store applications.


Here’s a list of all tweaks that are free for patrons –

Remember, none of them support iOS 11 yet so ensure that they are compatible. You can check this iOS 11 tweak compatibility list out before you install anything.

Apart from that, Ziph0n is also giving away the following apps for free –

  • WatchPlay
  • Iryss
  • MusicalKeyboard Pro (for Android)
  • HueEverywhere (Android)

The developer created this page primarily for getting donations. If you want to support him, you can check out his page below.


  • Patrons – 5
  • Tweaks – 6
  • Donation $1.00 and above


Go to Patreon

4. Dynastic Development

Dynastic Development is a new tweak development on the jailbreak scene. It consists veteran developers, AppleBetas and Nullpixel, and newbie Eric Rabil.

They are just beginning to develop tweaks as a team and here are a few minor packages that you can access as a patron.

  • BetterX
  • TranslucentWallet
  • TranslucentMessages
  • ShinyLockLabel

Patrons will get access to their beta repository, pre-release builds, private Discord server, and the ability to submit tweak ideas directly to the team.

Apart from that, donors will also get full access to all paid tweaks the team decides to release in the future.

If you become a gold or silver patron, you will also get a name in the Settings section of all their tweaks.


  • Patrons – 44
  • Tweaks – 3
  • Donation $3.00 and above

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3. Team Creatix

Team Creatix led by the talented Andrew Wiik is now providing beta access to tweaks on Patreon.


There are only two tweaks available for beta testing thus far.

  • LittleX (iPhone X features on older devices)
  • Intelix (grouped notifications on lock screen)

Unlike other developers and teams, Team Creatix only provides access to limited tweaks.

If you decide to donate $6 or above per month, you will get full access to all paid tweaks for free.


  • Patrons – 154
  • Tweaks – 2
  • Donation $2.00 and above

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2. LaughingQuoll

LaughingQuoll is yet another veteran developer with a Patreon page. He has a lot of different subscription plans designed to fit the needs of all kinds of users.

Currently, his page only features the following packages for iOS 11.

  • NoctisXI (night mode for iOS 11)
  • Semperon

He even has an “All Access Pass” that costs a whopping $100+ per month.

This package includes access to all tweaks and apps by the developer and you can also learn how to develop your own jailbreak tweaks from him.


  • Patrons – 522
  • Tweaks – 2
  • Donation $2.00 and above

Go to Patreon

1. SparkDev

SparkDev has become my favorite iOS 11 developer and I am absolutely loving his no holds barred approach.

For the uninitiated, SparkDev is constantly developing, testing, and releasing tweaks for Electra toolkit.

He has developed over 7 tweaks in a very short time frame and a lot of these packages are aimed at iPhone X, making them an instant hit with jailbreakers.

Unlike other developers, SparkDev is really generous and will provide patrons access to private tweaks, pre-release beta versions, and his private Discord server.

Furthermore, all donors will also receive some subscriber-only rewards and other secret bonuses. This is precisely why he grabs the top spot on my list.

If you decide to support Spark, you will get access to the following private packages.

  • MusicDockX
  • Notchless
  • CCMusicArtwork
  • TapticKeys
  • BatteryPercentX (free)
  • DoubleTapLock (free)
  • EasySwitcherX (free)

The starter package (Spark) will get you access to pre-release betas and private packages.

The plus package (Spark+) will get prioritized support and tweak requests along with all features of the starter package.


  • Patrons – 312
  • Tweaks – 6
  • Donation $2.00 and above

Go to Patreon

What next?

You can now start shopping for your favorite tweaks on this new tweak marketplace.

If you are excited about Coolstar’s Cydia build, you might end up feeling dejected.

The upcoming Cydia update for Electra will not have functional payments so you will be able to install only free packages legally.

Moreover, the tweaks available on the aforementioned pages won’t make their way to Cydia unless Saurik updates its payment system.


Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to get tweaks from Patreon.

You will get to play around with your device before your counterparts do, all the while supporting your favorite developer and his efforts.

Don’t worry about purchasing the tweak again from Cydia because all these developers will get hold of your e-mail address and your device’s UDID, with which they will add those tweaks to your Cydia account.

Which developer or team will you support and why? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below

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