Luca Todesco achieves Root access on iOS 11

Luca Todesco is back at it again! He has just teased a new Webkit exploit and achieved root access in iOS 11 firmware. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Luca Todesco exploits WebKit again

Luca Todesco has done it again! He has exploited Safari’s Webkit in iOS 11 and gained root access.

This is akin to what he did with iOS 9 when he released the online JailbreakMe tool based on Pangu’s jailbreak. Here’s what the Italian hacker posted on Twitter.

In the screenshot above, “uid: 0” refers to the root user on a Unix system (such as Apple’s iOS).

Webkit is the “backend” of Safari and all exploits based on it are very dangerous. They allow a skilled hacker to run unsigned code and install malware on your iOS device through Safari.

Can this lead to a jailbreak?

Yes, this exploit is powerful and can lead to a JailbreakMe for iOS 11. A hacker can also utilize this root access to run unsigned code, patch the kernel, and fully jailbreak your device.

iOS hacker

As far as KPP (Kernel Patch Protection) goes, a bypass for it will be required to install a working jailbreak. I don’t know if Luca actually possesses a working bypass as well.

When do you think an iOS 11 jailbreak will be released? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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