Tihmstar jailbreaks iPhone 5 running iOS 10.3.3

Tihmstar, the king of 32-bit jailbreaks, is back at it again! He has just teased a new 32-bit jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3. Here’s all you need to know about this new tool.

  • Update (December 24) – You can now download h3lix iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak from this download link.

iOS 10.3.3 now has a jailbreak!

As you know, hacker Tihmstar ported the v0rtex iOS 10 exploit to 32-bit Apple devices.

This exploit was pretty much ready to implement on 64-bit devices, but not on 32-bit systems. Tihmstar finally got up to the task to port this exploit over to legacy devices.

And within a week after porting it, he also successfully developed a jailbreak for 32-bit devices.

Here’s what the German hacker posted on Twitter. Like always, the “wen eta jailbreak” crowd went absolutely ballistic and users began asking for a release.

Tihmstar iPhone 5 jailbreak

The smartphone used in this teaser is an iPhone 5 running iOS 10.3.3 firmware.

Since it uses v0rtex exploit, it will most likely support older versions such as iOS 10.3.2 up till iOS 10.0.1.

A 32-bit jailbreak will be immensely useful because iOS 10.3.3 is the last firmware for this architecture. Once it is released, all 32-bit legacy devices will be jailbroken for life.

Is an iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak inbound?

Yes, it most probably is. Tihmstar has released several jailbreak tools, such as Phoenixpwn and etasonJB, in the past.

Therefore, this increases the chances of another release for 32-bit devices running iOS 10.3.3 and below.

Jailbreak exploit

Although this jailbreak was demonstrated to work on a single device, it will support all the following devices.

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPad 4

It’s a bit too late in my opinion as iOS 10 is now that it’s beginning to show its age. However, it’s yet another reason for legacy device owners to rejoice.

They have been neglected by jailbreak developers ever since the iOS 9 days. So it’s great to have developers who are still working on 32-bit devices.

Are you excited about a 32-bit jailbreak? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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