Tigris Dev Team Working on an iOS 11 Jailbreak

Eminent tweak developer Antique Dev has just made a huge announcement. Here’s what he tweeted.

Tigris Dev Team Working on iOS 11 Jailbreak

Developer Antique Dev is known as a reputable tweak developer within the community. However, he is now planning to move onto security research and hacking.

Here’s a tweet from Antique Dev’s official Twitter handle.

He has already formed a dev team called “Tigris” comprising Antique Dev and other notable hackers and developers. Tigris Dev Team will be working to develop a jailbreak for the upcoming versions of iOS 11 firmware.

The upcoming Tigris jailbreak will be compatible with all 64-bit devices running iOS 11 firmware. It will be fully stable and semi-untethered at least.

The Tigris Dev Team also intends to port iOS 11 jailbreak to iOS 10.3.x if their exploits remain functional.


Here’s a list of its members of this brand new team –

  • Antique Dev
  • BallisticDiamond
  • coolfool245
  • NickiLolzz

The team also has some other members apart from the developers given above. They only have 2 iOS devices  at the moment – iPod Touch 6G and iPhone 6.

The name “Tigris” is a reference to the codename of iOS 11 firmware, “TigrisSeed”.

Tigris Jailbreak Release Date

I wasn’t able to ascertain more details about this upcoming jailbreak. I don’t think they possess a 0-day exploit like Team Pangu.

Hopefully, Antique Dev will release a few more teasers and details before the jailbreak goes live.


Antique Dev is highly trusted and releases tweaks free of cost for the jailbreak community. However, Tigris Dev Team is a new team on the scene and hence it might take them some time to release a working jailbreak.

It’s still great to have a new team come forward and announcing a jailbreak because not many hackers are willing to work on a jailbreak now.

One thing is sure – we will be getting a jailbreak this time around.

If you have any queries, contact Tigris Dev Team here – tigrisdev.official[@]gmail[.]com.

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