TheParallaxView app turns iPhone X display into an illusion

A new Augmented Reality iOS application has been turning heads in the jailbreak community. Here’s how this new app called “TheParallaxView” works on iPhone X (iOS 11).

Illusion of depth using iPhone X 3D head tracking 

TheParallaxView iOS app turns your iPhone X display into an. This app is developed by Swedish developer Peder Norrby aka Algomystic.

According to Norrby, it was developed using iPhone X’s eye tracking and the Unity Engine.

The veteran developer has also open sourced TheParallaxView to encourage Augmented Reality development.

Here’s a video demonstration of this upcoming app.

The effect this app utilizes in monoscopic in nature and, hence, is seen best with one eye.

If you try to see it with both eyes open, eye tracking will not work properly which will break the illusion.

As for the video, it looks absolutely stunning because videos are monoscopic.


Can this illusion be turned into a jailbreak tweak?

TheParallaxView can definitely be turned into a jailbreak tweak, at least in theory.

However, it will remain limited only to iPhone X whereas other devices will be left in the lurch.

Older models beginning with the iPhone 6s do have Apple’s ARKit technology. However, they lack eye-tracking present in the iPhone X.

This video shows how it uses the head tracking technology of the iPhone X.

The stock App Store applications are obviously limited in scope. Cydia tweaks, on the other hand, will allow you to use this illusion as your wallpaper or even screensaver.

Some users have expressed their concerns with the battery drain such a wallpaper would cause. Surprisingly, FaceID will not substantially drain your battery.

Battery drain will only be an issue should try to port this feature over to older Apple devices.

TheParallaxView release date and price

This app is quite rightly the very first application that is putting Apple’s ARKit to good use.

Plenty of interesting ARKit-based apps came in the past but all of them quietly went under the radar.

It is currently under review in the App Store. You will be able to install it on your iPhone X for free once Apple gives it the all clear.

Will you install this amazing new app on your iPhone X? If yes, leave your comments below.

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