How to Fix “System Partition Full” in Cydia [iOS 10]

A lot of users are hitting 100% on system folder. This is a serious issue as it prevents you from installing new Cydia tweaks. Here’s how to fix this error on iOS 10.

Cydia will not open if you burn up 100% storage in system partition. This error occurs if you use manual stashing.

It is quite normal to experience this issue as root file system is compressed whereas iOS kernel doesn’t compress new files.

system partition full cydia error

Before you attempt this tutorial, set nonce generator in NVRAM.

How to Fix “System Partition Full” in Cydia [iOS 10]

Method #1 (Recommended)

This method is essential if you have already consumed 100% space and are not able to use Coolstar’s Stashing.

Step 1 Download iFile or Filza file manager via Cydia. iFile is recommended for this tutorial.

Step 2 Navigate to root directory “/”.

Step 3 Navigate to /system/library/.

Step 4 Look for LingusticData folder.

Step 5 Select edit, choose LingusticData folder and cut it.

Step 6 Navigate to /var/stash/.

Step 7 Select edit and paste this folder at this location.

Step 8 Edit and select this folder and copy it.

Step 9 Navigate to the original directory of the folder – system/library/ in root directory.

Step 10 Tap edit and create a link.

You will get free space in the system partition.

Method #2 (Recommended)

To free up even more space, use Coolstar’s Stashing tweak. It is very safe to use as it stashes tweaks/themes instead of iOS components. You can check the amount of space freed up using iCleaner.

coolstar's stashing for ios 10

If iCleaner crashes after using Coolstar’s stashing, simply reboot your iOS device and re-jailbreak using Yalu.

Method #3

This method will free up some space on your device by deleting languages packs. It is pretty safe but it can mess with Cydia Eraser (not released as of yet) in the future. Cydia eraser will need to re-download the language packs.

Remember, HFS Resize will not work if you use this method.

Step 1 Fire up iCleaner, tap “+”  and remove all languages files except English, your language and Japanese (needed for emojis).

Step 2 Go to this URL – in Safari web browser and download cydia_1.1.28~b14_iphoneos-arm.deb file.

Step 3 Install the downloaded debian package using iFile or Filza.

Step 4 Restart your iOS device and re-jailbreak using yalu102/mach_portal.

Now try opening Cydia and check the storage tab.

Method #4

In this method, we will use HFS Resize to resize the system partition altogether.

Step 1 Install MTerminal via Cydia.

Step 2 Add this repository –

Step 3 Install HFS Resize tweak.

Step 3 Fire up MTerminal, type su to login.

Step 4 Enter the command given below. This will shrink the user partition.

hfs_resize /private/var/[BYTES]

For example, 1 GB = 1000000000 (that’s nine zeroes).

Step 5 Enter the following command now. This will expand your system partition.


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  • Sadra

    Your website is amazing !
    Thanks bro

    • Thanks a lot, Sadra. Were will you able to fix the error?

  • Gufex

    Thanks, first method works!
    Just a question, in this way I’m able to reboot device and re-install Yalu with Cydia impactor?
    Tnx 👍🏻

    • Hello, Gufex. Glad it worked for you. Yes, you need to reboot and re-install with Cydia Impactor once it is out of the signing period.

  • Lud Ki

    hello! great website!
    Just wondering … im stuck at 100% and everytime i want to uninstall some tweak – i see there was a previous failed download that needs to install again – so i see red lines and nothing happens when respring 🙁

    • Hello, Lud. Thanks for the kind words. Could you please send me a screenshot of the error you are facing?

  • Moussi Bach Terry

    Hellow, my system partition is 2.2 i want 3GB i cant understand your tutorial , what the first command do ??

    • Hello, Moussi. You should try stashing in that case –

      • Moussi Bach Terry

        thank you Luca if i get it right, stashing is the only option to get free space for system ? I just need to understand the command line im gonna put my terminal i want to test your last solution because even when i fresh up my iPhone i have i warning with space full ! its disturbing, stashing wont soluve my problem i guess 🙁

        • Yes. What have you tried up til now?