SwitcherXI – iOS 11 App Switcher port for iOS 10

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak ports a highly requested iOS 11 feature to iOS 10. Here’s how it works.

How SwitcherXI works

A lot of iOS 11 features have already been ported to iOS 10. However, some features such as the App Switcher were still missing a port. Thankfully, this new tweak brings this missing feature to iOS 10.

SwitcherXI Cydia tweak ports iOS 11 beta 4 App Switcher to iOS 10. It is developed by tweak developer, ArtikusHG.

You will notice these two changes as soon as you install this tweak. Here’s how it looks like in action.

For those who don’t know, there are two major differences between the App Switcher of iOS 11 and iOS 10.

  • Firstly, the Home card has been removed completely.
  • Secondly, the Switcher exits automatically once you close all applications.

Once you install it, it will start working right out of the box. It comes without a Settings section.

Download SwitcherXI tweak

If you are looking to replicate iOS 11’s entire setup on your iOS 10 device, this tweak is a must-have. Recommended.

Remember, it is incompatible with iPad so you can only use it on an iPhone or iPod touch. Also, be sure to remove any conflicting tweaks if you encounter sluggish animations or bugs.

SwitcherXI is available for download as a Debian package here. It is compatible with iOS 10.

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