How to Bypass Super Mario Run’s Jailbreak Detection

Super Mario Run is a great game but not so much for jailbreak users. It comes with a brutal jailbreak detection system that not many users are able to bypass. Here’s how you can bypass its jailbreak detection on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Super Mario Run Jailbreak Detection explained

Just like every other App Store app, Nintendo has its own DRM system. They also implement this DRM system in their App Store games in order to prevent users from using hacks and cheats.

Super Mario Run

Now, Super Mario Run players are stuck between a rock and a hard place – tsProtector no longer works and removing the jailbreak just to play a game is certainly not worthwhile.

Here are three methods that you can use to fix this issue.

Bypassing Super Mario Run Jailbreak Detection


This method is currently working for all jailbreak users. This involves installing the new Liberty Cydia tweak by Ryley Angus. It effectively bypasses the DRM system of Super Mario Run.

It’s a very powerful tweak and I highly suggest you install it as soon as possible.

  • Repository –
  • Price – Free


As its name suggests, RunMario Cydia tweak is developed specifically to bypass Super Mario Run’s DRM system. Although it’s not as effective as Liberty, it’s still worth giving it a go.

  • Repository – BigBoss
  • Price – Free

Flex patches

Flex has a great community and there are lots of patches available that you can try. Remember, these patches are not updated as often as tweaks. Therefore, it may or may not work for the latest version of an app or a game.

flex 3 patches

  • Repository – BigBoss
  • Price – $4

Did you get it working?

These suggestions should be enough to get the Nintendo cult classic up and running again. It’s time to get playing and start killing those misanthropic bosses!

If, for some reason, it still doesn’t work on your iOS device, just leave a comment below detailing your issue.

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