Sticktron warns users not to use unofficial iOS 10.3.x Jailbreak tools

Developer Sticktron has just sent out a warning on his official Twitter handle. Here’s what the hacker had to say to all jailbreakers.

Sticktron warns against using pre-release builds

Jailbreak developer Sticktron warns all users to stay away from unofficial builds and forks of g0blin jailbreak.

He indirectly took potshots at developer xPeeks, who packaged Sticktron’s XCode project into an IPA. Moreover, he even released that IPA file to the general public without taking prior permission from Sticktron.

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter.

Sticktron also clarified that g0blin jailbreak is incomplete right now. Currently, it is still under development and is even yet to reach the alpha stage.

Another tweak developer remarked that xPeeks only modified the GUI of the tool, nothing else. The major underlying components such as root access and KPP Bypass could still cause issues on users’ devices.

xPeeks promptly apologized for this mistake but also said that he isn’t forcing users to use his build.

His primary goal was to distribute a jailbreak tool, even if it had partial compatibility, for iOS 10.3.x firmware.

Risks associated with unofficial versions

Using unofficial versions always comes with a set of risks. Here’s what can happen should you try using a pre-release tool or IPA file –

  • You can bootloop your device.
  • Malware packaged into the IPA file.
  • Incompatibility with Cydia tweaks.
  • Device incompatibility due to missing offsets.
  • Cydia not working properly.

What should I do now?

According to me, g0blin jailbreak in its present form is completely fine to install on your device. You can read the full jailbreak tutorial here.

Apart from a few bugs and incompatible tweaks, this tool works perfectly. Furthermore, it installs a full and working version of Cydia installer.

If Cydia ends up glitching on your iPhone, you can simply reinstall it using this tutorial.

If you don’t want to use the unofficial version, you can compile Sticktron’s project yourself.

However, you will also need to input your offsets for your device by yourself. Therefore, I suggest using the compiled IPA file.

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