How to fix SSH access on Electra jailbreak RC1.0.x

SSH is an essential feature of any jailbreak tool and allows you to get rid of a lot of errors quickly. Here’s how you can fix SSH access in the latest RC1.0.x version of Electra jailbreak.

Why is SSH access broken in Electra RC?  

The older versions of Electra had the dropbear SSH client. However, Coolstar implemented the stock OpenSSH in the new RC versions.

Although OpenSSH is better than other hacked-up clients, it doesn’t allow local SSH access.

This means if you try to start a session on-device using localhost, the connection will fail.

Electra jailbreak

This is why a lot of users aren’t able to use App Store applications like iTerminal or Shelly on the RC version.

Here’s a quick fix that you can use to fix this issue on your current version.

Fixing SSH access on Electra jailbreak RC1.0.x

Step 1 Open FilzaJailed or FilzaEscaped file manager. You can download this file manager from here if you didn’t install it already.

Step 2 Navigate to this location – /etc/ssh.

Step 3 Open sshd_config file with the stock text editor. You can do that by long-pressing the file and then select the “Text Editor” option in the “Open with …” section.

Step 4 Change “#Port 22” to “Port 2222”. As the stock OpenSSH file is now modified, port 22 will no longer work.

Step 5 Press the Save button to save the changes.

Step 6 Restart your device and re-jailbreak it.

Step 7 You can now use iTerminal, WebSSH, or other apps with the following details. Ensure you connect over port number 2222 instead of 22 from now on.

  • IP Address –
  • Port – 2222
  • Username – root
  • Password – alpine

If you are still unable to start an SSH session, leave a comment below. I also recommend going back to beta 11-3 if you are trying to remove a complicated error.

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