SpringPlus – A Powerful Springtomize Alternative for iOS 10

Today we have a new Cydia tweak on our hands. This tweak by developer Rishanan is called SpringPlus. It is a new tweak that came out of beta just recently. Let’s find out more about this tweak.

springplus cydia tweak

SpringPlus Tweak – Springtomize Alternative for iOS 10 devices

SpringPlus is a direct challenger of Springtomize. For those who don’t know, Springtomize is one of the most popular utility tweaks because of its unlimited customization options.

As Springtomize hasn’t been updated for iOS 10, SpringPlus is a great alternative for iOS 10 users. It offers more features and easily improves upon everything Springtomize does. It is the ultimate system-wide tweak.

Here’s a video demonstration of this great utility.

The main advantage of this tweak is that it replaces a lot tweaks with its functionality. However, it has a big disadvantage too.

The main issue with these kind of tweaks is that after creating a new setup, you often forget what you had changed. Finding those options again is quite a chore. This is why many users prefer to use individual tweaks for getting different functionality.

SpringPlus – Download via Rishanan’s repo     

One feature that I feel is missing is “icon resizing”. If the developer adds this, it will become the most complete tweak ever. This tweak is a must have for all users. Above all, it’s completely free to download.

SpringPlus is available for download on Rishanan’s repo – https://rishanan.github.io/ for free. It is fully compatible with iOS 10.

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