Spotify to remove restrictions from the free version

After being targeted by pirates and hacked apps, Spotify has finally caved into the pressure. The streaming giant is all set to overhaul the free subscription tier in the next few weeks.

Spotify Free update will add more features

Spotify is planning to update its free subscription tier in the upcoming event. The new version is due to be released on April 24.

Currently, the free version comes with a lot of restrictions such as limited skips, advertisements, etc.

Though there’s no official confirmation yet, they will definitely drop some of these restrictions in the next update.

You can expect a more “open” free mode that will allow more skips, fewer advertisements, or it might even borrow some features from the premium mode.


This move comes as a surprise because paid subscribers generate the bulk of the revenue for the streaming giant.

In 2017 alone, premium members were responsible for 90% of Spotify’s revenue.     

Apart from this update, Spotify will also unveil a revolutionary in-car music device. This device connects to the stock music system and plays songs without requiring a smartphone.

How will this benefit Spotify?

Spotify has been feeling the heat with a resurgent Apple Music eating into its user base.

Moreover, the 2 million pirates who use hacked apps to get premium features for free aren’t helping things either.

Therefore, the introduction of a feature-rich free version will significantly increase its subscriber count.


Consequently, the number of premium users will also gradually increase because a lot of users would consider upgrading at some point in time.

It will also incentivize a lot of pirates and hackers to join the light side.

Would you switch to the free version or continue using hacked apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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