SpectrePatch – Patch Javascript-based Spectre exploits on iPhone

Just like other massive security loopholes in the past, jailbreak developers have fixed the latest Spectre vulnerability. Here’s how you can download and install SpectrePatch on your Apple device.

What is SpectrePatch?

SpectrePatch is a patch for javascript-based Spectre exploits that might infect Apple devices. It is developed by tweak developer, Ryley Angus.

This patch borrows heavily from Firefox’s methodology of mitigating Spectre after its recent outbreak.

It relies on reducing the resolution of Webkit’s performance.now() and disabling SharedArrayBuffer for blocking Spectre-based exploits.

Meltdown and Spectre exploits

It injects its code into every WebKitContent process and other apps such as web browsers like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Remember, it can only block javascript-based exploits, not native exploits.

For the uninitiated, Spectre is a critical security loophole present in microprocessors. There’s no patch for older devices and I highly recommend everyone to install any fix that developers release.


SpectrePatch is compatible only with iOS 9-10.3 versions.

The reason behind this is that performance.now() comes only with iOS 9 and above versions so devices with older versions are safe.

iPhone devices

If you are on iOS 10.3.1 or above, the patch isn’t of much use as the necessary security measures are already in place. However, you can still give it a try should you so desire.

How to install SpectrePatch on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Step 1 Launch Cydia and add this repository – https://ryleyangus.com/repo/.

Step 2 Install the SpectrePatch Debian package from this source.


Step 3 Once the installation process is over, you must ascertain whether or not the patch is working. Visit this page and take note of the number appearing at the top.

  • If the number is an integer multiple of 0.1, the patch is working properly.
  • If the number is a multiple of 0.005, the patch is not working.

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