Snapchat blocks users with third-party apps from logging in

Though Snapchat’s latest ban wave is still in effect, it is also blocking users from using third-party apps. Here’s how you can bypass this restriction while still keeping all tweaks installed on your iPhone.

What does Snapchat third-party error signify?

A lot of jailbreakers use modified third-party applications and extensions such as Snapchat++, SCOthman, and Phantom. Up until now, almost all of these tweaks were working perfectly.

However, Snapchat developers have now purportedly implemented server-side checks that detect your version.

Once it detects you are running a modified or hacked, it throws an error.

Here’s how this error looks like.

Oh no! You’re trying to access Snapchat through a third-party app! Please use the official Snapchat app instead.

This effectively blocks users from logging in and chatting with their friends.

Usually, this error is accompanied by a temporary ban that can last for a few hours to a few days.

Fixing “You’re trying to access Snapchat through a third-party app” error

Method 1 – Enable Liberty Lite (recommended)

All you need to do is install Liberty Lite Cydia tweak on your iPhone and enable it for Snapchat.

Liberty Lite comes loaded with bypasses for almost all popular App Store applications. Fortunately, the Snapchat app is also one of them.

Method 2 – Download Snapchat 10.21.1 IPA     

This version file, though a bit older, already comes with Phantom packaged into an IPA file. Here’s how you can sideload it on your iPhone.

Step 1 Delete the original app.

Step 1 Download v10.21.1 IPA file from this link.

Step 2 Get Cydia Impactor sideload tool from this link and launch it.

Step 3 Drag the IPA file over to its window.


Step 4 Enter your Apple ID details.

Step 5 Once the app appears on your home screen, launch it and log in like you normally would.

Method 3 – Remove third-party extensions

Uninstall each third-party extension that interferes with the stock application in any way. This method will, of course, work for each and every device and firmware combination.

As long as you are not running any tweaks or a modified version, you should be fine.

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