Snapchat DRM is back Online! Here’s How to Bypass Jailbreak Detection

Snapchat reactivated their DRM system just a few days back. Here’s a simple workaround to keep Snapchat running it on your jailbroken devices.

How Snapchat DRM Works

DRM (Digital Rights Management) system is used to protect applications from piracy or unethical modifications.

According to developer Cokepokes, there are 4 different ways that Snapchat DRM utilizes to detect any changes and modifications.

When Snapchat enables DRM, it will prevent you from signing in. You will get a connection error when you try to log into Snapchat. Here’s what this error looks like.

snapchat connection error

Usually, Snapchat enables their DRM system in “waves”. It doesn’t stay up all the time because it affects normal users as well.

How to Bypass Snapchat Jailbreak Detection on iOS 10 [2017]

Phantom Lite still works perfectly fine with Snapchat application. The reason being developer CokePokes patched the DRM like a boss.

snapchat jailbreak detection bypass

Phantom Lite for Snapchat disables Substrate by implementing Palbreak’s method. It also disables any other Cydia tweak hooking Snapchat application.

Phantom also comes with tons of other cool features. Here’s how to install Phantom Lite for Snapchat on iOS 10.

Once installed, it will completely bypass jailbreak detection built into Snapchat. You will not get any connection or login errors whatsoever.

Be sure to steer clear of other tweaks such as Snap+ and SCOthman. These tweaks do not bypass the DRM and work only when the DRM mechanism is disabled.

Enjoy Snapchat on your Jailbroken iPhone!

That’s it! Phantom by Cokepokes will get your Snapchat up and running like before.

Remember, Snapchat will detect any other tweak while DRM is running. This will result in your account getting a ban.

If you get an account ban, you can unlock it through Snapchat’s website.


Phantom Lite is the only tweak that properly bypasses the DRM mechanism for now. It’s a shame that a developer of his caliber had to leave the jailbreak community.

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