How to Fix “Could Not Connect” Snapchat Error

A lot of users are complaining about Snapchat throwing errors. Here’s how to fix this error once and for all.

As you already know, Snapchat’s DRM system is back online. This has again lead to jailbroken users experiencing connection issues. Snapchat’s DRM detects tweaks even in unjailbroken mode.

So this error will persist even if you reboot your device to remove the jailbreak.

What does “Could Not Connect” Snapchat Error mean?

Snapchat throws “Could Not Connect” error when it’s not able to connect to the internet properly. This error occurs on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Here’s what this error looks like.

Could Not Connect
Please check your connection and try again.

snapchat connection error fix

Why does “Could Not Connect” Snapchat Error occur?

Here’s why this error occurs –

  • Snapchat DRM system (detects jailbreak tweaks/hacks)
  • Server-side problems

The latest Snapchat version does not allow jailbroken devices running Snapchat++ or Phantom Lite. It also blocks jailbreak detection bypass tweaks such as NoSub and xCon.


You can still experience this error even if you have no Snapchat-related Cydia tweak. Snapchat detects any tweak hooking into iOS and throws this error.

It assumes you have a tweak that hacks and bypasses restrictions on the Snapchat app.

Here’s how to fix this error on iOS 10-10.2.

How to Fix “Could Not Connect” Snapchat Error on iOS 10-10.2  

Method 1 – Downgrade Snapchat

Step 1 Remove Phantom Lite Cydia tweak and run iCleaner.

Step 2 Install App Admin tweak from UnlimApps repo ( If you already have it, skip to the next step.

Step 3 Open the App Store and Downgrade Snapchat to an older version by long pressing the Open button. You can go back to or as both these versions are compatible with Phantom.

Step 4 Reinstall Phantom Lite.

This method has a high success rate and works in pretty much all scenarios. It also keeps your streaks intact.

Method 2 – Install SCOthman for Snapchat

Installing SCOthman for Snapchat Cydia tweak will fix this issue for now.

snapchat hacks

However, it doesn’t have built-in DRM protection like Phantom Lite. Once the DRM goes back up, it will stop working.

Method 3  

Some users are not jailbroken and still getting this connection error. This means your account has been banned by Snapchat.

There’s nothing you need to worry about because these bans usually expire within an hour or two. So just wait it out for some time.

If you are on iOS 11, you will not be able to access Snapchat. They don’t support iOS 11 because of its screen recording feature. Snapchat will eventually release an update for iOS 11 users.

Method 4

Sometimes this error is related to Snapchat’s servers instead of jailbreak. If you get the connection error even after downgrading, it’s most likely a server-side problem.

In this case, I recommend you just wait until Snapchat sorts it out.

“Could Not Connect” Error will now be fixed!

That’s all there’s to it. Hopefully, this error will be gone by now.

If you are still facing the “Could Not Connect” error, just leave a comment below.

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