Snapchat nukes Luminous and SnapColor tweaks

Snapchat can now detect and block Luminous and SnapColor jailbreak tweaks. Here’s what you can do right now to evade a temporary ban.

Snapchat blocks jailbreak tweaks once again    

Dark mode customization tweaks Luminous and SnapColor are no longer functional on Snapchat v10.36.0.23. Moreover, users are also experiencing temporary bans left, right, and center.

For those who don’t know, these tweaks were the jailbreak community’s last stand against Snapchat’s overwhelmingly strict detection methods.

With these tweaks gone, there isn’t a single package that can bypass its jailbreak detection.

Chloe, the developer of Luminous and SnapColor, confirmed the development on her Twitter handle.

Snapchat Luminous ban

The developer, however, has deactivated her account and was not available for comment as to whether these tweaks will be updated in the future.

This is not the first time Snap has had issues with the jailbreak and modding community.

They previously blocked users with third-party apps from logging in. The instant messaging app also deployed a brutal DRM system a while back that rendered all tweaks and sideloaded apps kaput.

How can you keep your account safe?

To keep your account safe and secure, delete the aforementioned packages from Cydia.

Once you delete them, you can log into your account and start using the app like you’re supposed to minus the dark mode or a custom theme.

Also, don’t forget to uninstall any other tweak that injects third-party code into the Snapchat app.

Which tweaks are working right now?

Now that Snapchat has nuked the last few functional tweaks, we decided to take Spectre for a test drive. It is apparently the only tweak that works right now, at least according to developer CokePokes.

Despite the developer’s contention that Spectre works with Snap’s latest version, we were greeted by the following message – not once but twice.

Even after reinstalling the package from Cydia as recommended by the developer, Snapchat kept throwing the same error message again and again.

Suffice to say, nothing is working right now with the latest version of the messaging app. 

Which tweak or mod are you using right now? Drop your comments below.

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