SmartLPM – Intelligent Low Power Mode for iPhone

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak adds more features to the stock low power mode. Download SmartLPM Cydia tweak for iPhone, iPad, and iPod below.

How SmartLPM works

Low Power Mode is an absolute lifesaver and prevents your iPhone from dying in a lot of situations.

Unfortunately, iOS notifies you to enable it only after your battery reaches the threshold value (when your battery is already running low). This is where this new tweak comes in.

SmartLPM Cydia tweak automatically enables low power mode while your device is locked. It is developed by tweak developer smokin1337.

Once you install this tweak, low power mode will fire automatically when you lock your Apple device. The screenshot below shows my lock screen with low power mode enabled.

It also comes with a preferences area wherein you can set custom values and tailor it to your requirements.

There are four options that this tweak offers –

  • Enable Tweak – Basic setting that you must switch on to enable the tweak.
  • Low Power While Charging – Enables Low Power Mode while your device is charging.
  • Auto Low Power Mode Enables automatic low power mode when you lock your device.
  • Set Battery Level for Low Power Mode – Sets a custom value for the low power mode. 

Download SmartLPM Cydia tweak

This tweak is a boon for those who are always on the go. Even if you aren’t overly busy or forget to charge your iPhone or iPad, this tweak can still be helpful.

I would suggest installing it and enabling it when you won’t be able to access a charger. Highly recommended.

SmartLPM is available for download on It is compatible with iOS 11 and 10.

Be sure to check out another awesome tweak from the same developer below.

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