Should I Update to iOS 11 or Stay on iOS 10?

A lot of users have been asking this question. So I decided to give all jailbreakers a quick heads-up.

This guide obviously caters to jailbreakers. If you don’t like to jailbreak, update your device to the latest stable firmware available.

Why should you not update to iOS 11?

Here are a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t update to iOS 11.

  • The new Files application grants you limited access. It doesn’t even come close to powerful file managers like iFile or Filza.
  • Control Center redesign is pretty poor. There are tons of Cydia tweaks available for iOS 10 that allow you to completely customize the Control Center.
  • Updating means losing your jailbreak and all your Cydia tweaks. This means you will be stuck on stock firmware for a long time.

On the whole, iOS 11 brings nothing new to the table for jailbreakers. The features that are not yet available will soon be ported by tweak developers Antique Dev and LaughingQuoll.

iOS 10-10.2 Users

iOS 10.0.x, 10.1, 10.1.1, and 10.2 firmware versions are compatible with Yalu jailbreak.


The new iOS 11 beta version is full of bugs and doesn’t contain all the features yet. Moreover, all iOS 11 features are already available on iOS 10 jailbreak.

So there’s no good reason for you to relinquish your jailbreak and upgrade to iOS 11. For those using older devices, it makes even more sense to stay on iOS 10

If you still haven’t jailbroken your device yet, do so now. Follow the tutorials given below –

iOS 10.2.1-10.3.2 Users

There’s no jailbreak yet for iOS 10.3, 10.3.1 and 10.3.2. Users who are running these versions must be tempted to upgrade to iOS 11.

ios 10.3.1 jailbreak

Here’s what we know about an iOS 10.3.x jailbreak –

Here’s what you need to do right now.

  • If you are on iOS 10.3/10.2.1, upgrade to iOS 10.3.1.
  • If you are on iOS 10.3.2, downgrade to iOS 10.3.1.
  • If you are on iOS 10.3.1, stay where you are and don’t upgrade or downgrade.

iOS 10.3.1 firmware has the highest chances of getting a jailbreak in the future.

iOS 11 Users

If you have already upgraded your device to iOS 11, downgrade to iOS 10.3.1 as soon as possible. Apple will close the iOS 10.3.1 signing window anytime now.

ios 11

I know it’s hard to resist the urge to update when a major update comes out. Just remember the hype will die out in a few months but jailbreak tweaks will keep coming out.

Team Pangu might be holding off their jailbreak because it might work on iOS 11. They might actually release a jailbreak for iOS 11 if Apple hasn’t patched their exploits.

This gives the jailbreak community a glimmer of hope. However, it’s best to stay on the safe side and stick to iOS 10.3.1.

What are you going to do?

Always stay on jailbreak-able firmware, if possible. Remember, what an iPhone can’t, jailbreak does! 

So I highly recommend all users to stay on iOS 10. If you have a backup device, feel free to update to iOS 11 and test it out. You can download the iOS 11 beta version here.


If a jailbreak comes out, you’ll have the SHSH Blobs and a backup to downgrade back to 10.3.1 and jailbreak.

If you are still confused whether you should update or not, leave a comment below.

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