Saurik says there will be 3 jailbreak tools for iOS 11 firmware

Saurik just claimed that there are not one or two but 3 jailbreak tools coming for iOS 11 very soon. Hit the jump to find out the difference between these tools and which one will be suitable for you.

3 jailbreak tools coming soon for iOS 11

Saurik made a very interesting revelation a few hours back. The godfather of jailbreak claimed that there are three jailbreak tools under development right now.

Since some users were asking for the source, here it is.

All these tools are directed at iOS 11 firmware and are based on Google Project Zero’s kernel exploit and Xerub’s KPPless technique.

This means all of these tools will utilize the same exploits but will still have subtle differences that will differentiate one from the other.


According to Saurik, one of these tools will be “extremely different” than the other.

It won’t use the “jailbreakd” daemon, which is an integral part of all jailbreaks up till now.

Which tools is Saurik talking about?

Here’s the complete list of tools that Saurik is talking about. A few of them are already available for public and you can easily install them on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

1. LiberiOS

LiberiOS is already public and is the most stable jailbreak to date for iOS 11-11.1.2. It is developed by Jonathan Levin aka Morpheus.

It’s not exclusive to developers and advanced users and the average users can use it safely as well.

  • Developer – Jonathan Levin

2. to.panga

to.panga is yet another jailbreak tool for iOS 11-11.1.2. It is developed by Abraham Masri aka Cheesecakeufo.


As of now, it is not very stable and is intended for use by iOS developers only.

  • Developer – Abraham Masri

3. Coolstar’s jailbreak

Developer Coolstar has been working on the async_wake exploit for a long time.

He is making solid progress on a daily basis and recently achieved code injection in any iOS process.


This tool does utilize the standard “jailbreakd” daemon. Therefore, it’s difficult to ascertain which “extremely different” jailbreak is Saurik talking about.

  • Developer – Coolstar

My take

This is the first time we are getting three tools for the exact same firmware versions.

This is indeed a great development since we will be able to use any of them and switch over to another if one of them glitches out. Apart from that, more and better alternatives are always welcome.

Are you excited about these upcoming jailbreaks? If yes, leave your comments below.

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